Garmin Forerunner 410 HR – GPS Sports Watch Reviews

The progress my trail running project reasonable to monitor and document, I after a heart rate monitor with GPS function (or GPS Watch with heart rate monitor?) looked around. After some research, I had to realize that the selection is limited but almost exclusively on a single manufacturer:Garmin. My choice finally fell on the forerunner 410 HR by this manufacturer.

Heart rate monitors are in fact rather rare with integrated GPS receiver. By Suunto, there is only the expensive ambit and polar offers his watches only with an external GPS receiver (up on the recently released RC3 GPS). I have not dealt with Nike and Timex, which offer also the one or other GPS watch with heart rate monitor, because I had already discovered in Garmin forerunner series. This offers a complete line of GPS watches almost all of which are compatible with Garmin’s heart rate sensor. I finally decided for the forerunner 410 HR (HR is the included heart rate belt for heartrate, so) here the value for money was most interesting.

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The scope of supply of the forerunner 410 HR is quite lush. In addition to the GPS watch with preformed plastic strap supplied just two additional textile wristbands including mounting material. The charging / data terminal with USB comes with a matching mains charger and three different adapters for different types of outlet plug.

Also is a USB ANT stick for wireless data transmission, as well as a quick start guide and a user manual on CD-ROM. When the HR version of forerunner 410 a high quality heart rate monitor with soft strap included is also.


The main feature, and for this CENTRALLEDWATCH is most famous digital watch, is the GPS function for determining position. The forerunner 410 records distance and height data via GPS and the pace is calculated based on the time. Also the watch thanks to the included heart rate belt is also the heart rate during the activity. All of this data may be the wireless ANT + automatically on the computer interface. From here the information can be published then page on the Garmin Connect or in a program like E.g. the Garmin training center managed and tracked.

The clock operated via two side buttons and the touch-sensitive Touch Ring that allows you to scroll through functions when running and select. The clock allows you to create individual Advanced training sessions or to compete against a virtual partner to improve its results. Also, you can set how many data fields on the individual screens are displayed. So, you can individually set the clock on his own needs.

Of course, to the forerunner display the time and date 410 also and has an alarm function. Thus it is suitable not only for sports but also for everyday life. It is weatherproof for protection class IPX7 (protection against temporary immersion).

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As mentioned at the beginning, I use the clock to monitor and document my training data as it passes (trail running). I about the Garmin training center software first created training sessions due to the program of my coaches and transfer to the forerunner 410. Previously, I had but still some issues the ANT USB stick on my notebook up and running to bring. Here, the USB causes probably 3.0 port in conjunction with Windows 7 problems. Luckily, I discovered a further USB 2.0 port on my Dell, who (previously undetected) was integrated into the eSATA port. This is the ANT stick easily recognized.

The operation via the touch ring is getting. Some hate him and return the clock right back, others (including me count) cope after a short settling period excellently so. In the rain, I had so far no difficulties in the operation of the ring. Only I didn’t make the control test with gloves.

Thanks to HotFix satellite prediction the satellite acquisition is quite fast, so that I have a position within a few seconds and can run off. The precision of the distance record, I’m still not in the clear is that really as accurate. My big round on the fitness trail is signposted with 9.25 km, the forerunner says but every time it would just 8.80 km. According to Garmin on an another round of which 12.8 km long to be supposed, but is only 12.3 km. These are already considerable deviations. Perhaps those in charge when you create the track measured also just slightly inaccurate. So far I could do unfortunately have no comparison with other GPS device.

A single charge lasts with me for around 4 training sessions of one hour, which corresponds to a total in about a week. While I occasionally actually never completely switch off the clock (although I don’t wear it everyday), perhaps could be out to get here a little more maturity. Full charging is completed via the supplied charging Terminal to the socket in an hour.

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Currently Around 200 euros to get a really large monitor with GPS function (or is it rather a GPS watch with heart rate monitor?). Who is user can befriend with the touch ring, which has certainly have much joy with the forerunner 410 rear from Garmin. The value for money is very interesting, there is therefore a clear buy recommendation on my part!


Garmin Forerunner 410 HRM price comparison

Garmin Forerunner 410 HRM price comparison