Failure Strange Google Showed Photo of Car Accident (and Not Google Really Knows What Happened)

On the morning of Tuesday (26), users from various regions of the world, including Brazil, reported a failure bizarre in Google: the search for any term, Google Images returned pictures of what appeared to be a car accident in Russia. The problem has come to affect even Google News, which now display the accident in place of the news photos.

What happened? A virus has infected millions of computers night for the day? DNS servers of my ISP were poisoned? An adult entertainment website changed your browser settings? No, it was not that. The problem was to Google it.

Google did not say what happened to the Google Images get flooded with photos of the accident. Our site contacted Google and this was the official position of the company, “Oops, talking about accidents, this has been fixed! Sorry, the least you could have done would show pictures of kittens for you. ”

In other words, someone at Google pressed a wrong button.

The bug in Google Images has been fixed. The Google status panel, which notifies you when there is a problem in the company’s services, not warned of any related failure. In addition to affecting some Brazilian users, the bug also hit people in Canada, Germany, United States and other countries.