Experiment Twitter Annoys Users to Show Favorites Like Retweets

Developers Twitter live testing features in service. As a rule, these experiments do not cause hassles. What appears to be the latest of them, however, it has been theexception: many users have noted that messages “Faved” by your contacts are shown in the timeline similarly to retweets.

No one knows for sure when these supposed tests began. What is noticeable is that the number of users who complain of “messages surprise” has been growing in recent days.

Complaints mainly run the most frequent users of Twitter. For them it is not interesting to know what tweets your contacts are marked as favorites. Moreover, it can happen to some of these messages come from users with whom the person does not want to have any contact.

There is another reason: although the favorite tweets can be displayed on each user’s profile page, many people do not appreciate the idea of ​​his followers know almost instantly messages marked as such.

Users use favorites on Twitter mainly to mark impactful content of tweets (funny, relevadores or critical, for example) and to store information to be checked later (links, images, videos, etc.).

From this point of view, automatically show the followers of a person which tweet it just “favoritar” is a naughty function. If the user wants, in fact, that your contacts see particular message will simply use the retweet option.

What led Twitter to do this kind of testing is a mystery, given the silence of the company on the subject to date. The main hypothesis is that the company is showing favorite tweets and retweets to encourage interaction between users, whether they are known to each other or not. If the goal is this, by the way, the idea is not working very well.

Apparently, the tests are taking place to a limited group – but growing – of people using the official mobile apps Twitter. In addition to favorites, some users have complained they are being reported in your timeline from people who just started your contacts below.