Dressmadre: Cool T-Shirts for Pregnant Women


I remember that when I was pregnant was looking for t-shirts with cool messages to look them with tummy, I was difficult to find any with a beater or funny message, but for my next pregnancy… as I found Dressmadre!

Dressmadre is an online shop where you can find t-shirts for pregnant original and unique. Behind this project there are three partners who together with their families forming personal equipment. They are professionals in the advertising, design and gastronomy that when they were pregnant stumbled upon the phrase “what to wear” and discovered a lack in clothing for pregnant women that you sit well, thus began to take shape Dessmadre.

There were many tests that had to do to find the perfect t-shirt, but the end was found and launched his signature.

Dressmadre has t-shirts for all tastes, all of them care to the smallest detail: funny phrases, geeks, keywords images. All have a description very cool that tells you the history of the t-shirt on the web. These t-shirts are everything a pregnant needs to not give up fashion, which we usually do very often. The maternity t-shirts are also ideal gifts for your friend who is pregnant!

As said his team: “becoming a mother changes you life, but not the taste you atrophy” and that we have to prove it at the time of dressing in one of the most important moments of our lives.