The Japanese shows again how future LTE networks will look like.

The major Japanese telecommunications operator DoCoMo has completed the world’s first transmission with a speed of more than 1.2 Gbit per second, which is eight times faster than the Danish 4 g LTE network currently theoretically can deliver.

The fast transfer was carried out with a new technology called Smart Vertical antenna MIMO, which is a new antenna technology for 4 g LTE network. It writes our site.

The new technology makes it possible with a single antenna to achieve the same throughput rates, which normally requires a an antenna equipped with four separate MIMO antennas. MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs) is the term used an antenna systemem using multiple antennas to send and receive data at the same time, and thus achieves high speeds.

The transfer was carried out in a so-called “field test”, where the phone company now testing the technology in a limited area on the company’s normal cellular networks. DoCoMo will now deploy antnner with Smart Vertical MIMO to throughout their 4 g LTE network in april 2016.

Japan and South Korea are traditionally two countries which are interesting to look at, since these two countries in very was highly sets the standard for how mobile networks in the rest of the world is going to look out for 3-4 years.

DoCoMo Will Transfer 1.2 Gbps from a Single Mobile Antenna
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