Design for Little Money: Honor8 in Smart phone Test

I am a child of the nineties and I am not proud of it. This is mainly due to the fact that my lasting memories come from abysmal bad music and massively passive boxing legends. Therefore, I am not surprised that I always have to think about the name honor of Henry Maske and his fight against Graciano Rocchigiani, initiated by Sarah Brightman’s “A Question of Honor”. 

But I digress and, strictly speaking, the current smart phone -Highlight Honor 8 isalso much more exciting than box debacle of the nineties. Why? Key words such as dual camera, 2.5D glass and quick charging function, together with the seemingly unbeatable price of currently 399 euros, are a clear challenge to the high-priced competition. Whether the Honor 8 can also score behind the facade, my test will show. In this sense: For the brave.


Clear Point Win In Smartphone Unboxing

It is almost compact, the carton in which the 5.2-inch smart phone Honor 8 enters the Android ring. And that is mainly due to the fact that the phone does not lie flat on top of the box, like most competitors, but is sunk in the box. Like a hard drive from the NAS or-old-fashioned-a book from the shelf, I also pull the Honor 8 out of its box and can immediately convince me of all the splendor of the designer piece.

The rest of the carton content, which can be pulled out in separate boxes, is also quite impressive. The usual incident suspects in the form of guarantee slip and quick start guide are, of course, on board as well as a network adapter, a USB cable type C, an SIM tool and a few white in-ears. And since you have to show somehow to the world that you are Honor users, you will also find two stickers with the Honor logo and “For the brave” lettering in the box. The latter I would not have absolutely needed, nevertheless convinces the smart phone accessories on the whole line.


What Is It? A Blue Design Smartphone!

And what does it do? It shines so wonderfully blue. This is also the reason why I chose the blue variant of the Honor 8: It looks just great when the 15 layers of glass of the back glimmer in the light. In general, the new Honor is a balancing act between two of the currently most popular case materials in the smart phone segment, as the front and back of the glass are rounded, the phone comes with an aluminum frame that is similar in design to the Huawei P9 ,

Right on the Honor I find in the usual position the power button and above the volume rocker, on the left the slot fits for the two SIM cards or for SIM and microSD seamlessly into the case. In the lower edge, as usual, the loudspeaker, the USB port of type C and the headphone jack are inserted. The top edge also provides an infrared sensor, which makes a remote control from the smart phone . Over the display, the 8 megapixel front camera is right next to the loudspeaker with integrated signal LED, on the back I discover the dual camera with 12 megapixels, a double flash and a fingerprint sensor with a programmable additional key (Smart Key). 

So seen, the honor is everything it takes today to score in the smart phone ring-in view of the infrared sensor perhaps even a little more effort. However, small concerns are mixed in the design euphoria: the Honor 8 is all around smooth. This means that even with a slight inclination of the ground it is no longer lying and runs the risk of going quickly to the ground. In the hand, the 153-gram phone is super, but “slippery” it is also here and also gratefully accepts every little fingerprint.


Smartphone Screen In Cinema Quality

The Honor 8 enters the display arena in the 5.2-inch class and brings a resolution of 1,920 times 1,080 pixels and a pixel density of 423 PPI with. On the technology side, the DCI-P3 standard is still available – a color space that is also used in the cinema and covers a large part of the natural colors. 

In practice this means crisp contrasts, rich blacks and impressive sharpness. The display is color-stable from every angle and presents an excellent picture. The brightness also fits into the overall picture and makes the highly reflective display absolutely outdoor-suitable. In addition, there is an eye protection feature, which increases the visual and reading comfort by filtering out the blue light. There is really nothing to complain about.


Bloatware Anywhere?

Yep, and indeed a lot. But let’s start at the beginning and make the Honor 8 the emotion UI in version 4.1, which also bring the current Huawei . As an operating system in the background, Android 6.0 Marshmallow is working, which through the EMUI adjustments the optical and functional bridge between Android and iOS beats. The system runs consistently throughout and is very clear and extensively individualized.

Speaking about the settings, I can easily define what the button in the fingerprint sensor should do when I press it once, twice or long. The well-known ankle gestures also have the Honor 8 , so I need to draw a circle, for example, to take a screen shot or draw a M to start the music app. 

But let’s get to the Bloatware. Two folders with a volume of about 300 megabytes of me grab the smart phone unasked on the home screen. This includes Shazam,, Opera, TripAdvisor, HiGame, Asphalt Nitro, Spider-Man: Ultimate Power and another handful of other games. At the place I would certainly be displeased, the Honor 8 would not allow the unintended apps to sing individually or by system adjustment in a slip from the system-without residue. The Honor has just gotten away with a blue eye.


Dynamic Performance Duo Kirin & Mali

With the hardware equipment, the Honor 8 follows its current Huawei siblings and brings the HiSilicon processor Kirin 950 with twice 4 cores. Supported by Mali-T880 graphics, 4 gigabytes of memory, 32 gigabytes of internal memory and up to 128 gigabytes of microSD memory.

So far so good. But what does the benchmark say about performance? AnTuTu assigns the Honor at 94,901 points, up more than 3,000 points above the P9 one. Competitors like the LG G5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3 edge have the nose but 30,000 to 40,000 points ahead, but in practice this does not have to be a KO factor. 

On the contrary, the Honor smart phone is very convincing in all applications and does not beat even the most current games. Multitasking also works quite fast, as long as I do not exaggerate it with the number of parallel applications. Feel the Honor 8 in the everyday life so very well, although I have the LG G5, for example, a noticeably brisker gait must attest.


Three Cameras For Little Money

A good 150 euros among the best competitors is the Honor 8 with its two main cameras, but this savings I do not notice with the picture quality. Compared to the Huawei P9 , the Honor-Device , which has almost the same features: 12 megapixels has the main knobs as well as an aperture of f/2.2. One of the cameras is responsible for black and white, the other for the colors.

The result is remarkable photos, which score especially with daylight with contrast, sharpness and details. Only with color intensity and saturation does the P9 have the better stand. In difficult light conditions both are similarly good-or passable. The image noise increases significantly and the details sometimes blur very much. However, the pictures on the smart phone screen still look very good. And as it is so beautiful: The best camera is the one you have with it. With the Honor 8 I have really a very good main camera with it. 

In addition, there is a very handsome Selfie-Cam with 8 megapixels, which delivers excellent results. Only the numerous software effects should be used here sparingly, otherwise it looks fast silly. Beyond that, the software of the P9 is similar in many details and is accordingly as detailed and practical. Features such as “light trails”, “Zeitlupe” and the well-known “HDR” round off the very good camera appearance.


That All Sounds Good

Whenever I test a current smart phone , I am impressed how weak and quiet the loudspeaker of my Sony Xperia Z1 comes. Also the Honor 8 I from a very neat sound side. Sure, here is just a mono speaker in the case and also a high-end bass should not be expected. However, the sound result is neatly plastic and balanced and makes a pretty good figure at mids, treble and volume. 

And since a smart phone not only has to sound good at the music, the Honor 8 also bringsclear phone sound in the ear. Whether in the classical telephone call or via free phone, the call participants were always clearly understood. Who would have thought that a design smart phone even for telephone calls.

Battery Pack

From 0 To 100 In Little More Than An Hour

3,000 Milliamperstunden brings the honor on the Akkudauer-scale and duels itself also here on equal terms with the competition. In practice, this can be very good, the battery supplies the smart phone with enough juice for a whole day with everyday use including web browsing, e-mailing, video streaming and etc. In standby, the smart phone loses in the daytime only a few percentage points, so that the Honor remains quite two to three weeks use. 

If the battery is then once down, the needs Honor thanks to Fast Charge actually not much more than 30 minutes to recover to 47 percent of its endurance. After 60 to 70 minutes the battery is full and it goes into the next entertainment round. In comparison, my ancient android is almost rocky slowly.


A Clear Point Victory

With number 8 Honor wanted to throw a very big athlete into the smartphone ring and the Chinese has succeeded to a large extent also. All the way forward is the great design into the field, because visually the Honor 8 is a hammer. Added to this is the double camera, which so far has only been introduced to significantly more expensive relatives. The cam performance is excellent over long distances, while the display and the remaining technical equipment can score points. Last but not least, the strong battery keeps the smartphone many rounds in the ring and also needs only a short breather to recover completely.

For a knock-out of the competition at this point but probably most likely the price, because for 399 euro I see but over one or the other shortcoming. So I do not mind the high Bloatware portion really, especially, as I throw the interfering apps jerkily from the smartphone. Also that the achievement not quite with the Galaxy of Galaxy and can compete, can I in the everyday use well. However, what I am thinking about is the almost slippery construction of the glass chassis, which leaves the Honor 8 on hardly a slightly inclined base and is also not at the end of the wisdom last or penultimate conclusion. So I had during the whole test concerns that the smartphone is down. 

And that is the reason why it needs a case quickly, which gives the Smart phone Grip.Unfortunately, this also disguised the brilliant optics. But you can not have it all. For Honor, the 8 is a remarkable step and for fotobegeisterte, price-conscious smart phone users it is a real alternative.