The use of demolition furniture helps preserve the nature and gives style to your home.

Time to decorate our home, where we wish to find furniture and pieces with style. Preferably you are attractive and different to enhance the design. To meet these requirements, the demolition furniture arrive with full force. The pieces are beautiful, sophisticated and which provide a rustic appearance to the environment.

Are unique pieces, because the marks of each are different, and so each piece is different from the other. Masters of architecture, engineering, decoration or design create contemporary designs, with fine finishes in various aged materials or restored, creating splendid parts. But you don’t have to be an expert in design to create your wood furniture. Some pieces are very simple to make and you can even take the risk in the project.

What is wood?

Is the wood reused. One that has already been used in a previous project and is now in disuse. Can be a old mobile, or wood used in construction or in railroads, anyway, any piece of wood that is no longer used and, instead of being discarded, the professionals use and new projects.

Where does the wood?

The great benefit of the use of wood comes from encounter with the environment. With the reuse of these pieces of wood, we avoid new deforestation, contributing to the preservation of nature directly. In addition, this makes it possible to reuse the implementation of projects with use of noble wood, most often not found on the market, sometimes with your extinct species such as mahogany rose.

The wood used is the Peroba Rosa of Demolition, from the South of Brazil. In the last century, the your use was frequent in construction, when used this raw material both in the structure of households as in the coating. With the replacement of these dwellings by masonry that wood was destroyed.

Another great source of wood are the sleepers replaced rail lines. To be used in the railways, railway sleepers, made of noble wood like rosewood, oak, Jatoba, IPE, among others, go through a chemical treatment to increase the duration. When they are replaced become excellent raw material for design projects.

How to create mobile demolition?

The first step in this process is the treatment of wood. You will need to do a thorough cleaning to remove any trace of paint or varnish. This process can be done manually using spatulas and sandpaper for wood. Brushing also highlights the grooved surface of the wood that brings the uniqueness of the piece.

Demolition wood are materials more resistant due to the aging process suffered over the years. To carry out the cuts it is necessary the use of heavy machinery, crude. After the creation of the piece, comes the stage of finish where she will be waxed and polished, giving a velvety aspect. This whole process, from cleaning to polishing must be done used appropriate safety materials like masks and gloves to prevent damage to your health.

The most amazing designs with wood is that everything is reused. Even the resulting sanding powder can be mixed with wood and glue used to plug the holes created by nails and screws in parts. After the piece be sanded that ‘ patch ‘ is unnoticeable.

Tutorial of wood recycling

You want to recycle a recycled wood and turn it into a beautiful mobile? Then watch the video tutorial below:

How to care for your wood furniture?

As the material is very resistant, with minimal care your demolition mobile have much speaking time. To save your newly created-like piece, avoid the use of chemicals. Prefer cleaning with dry cloth (or slightly damp) to remove dust and use a maximum of one carnauba oil. Do not use very wet cloths on your mobile cleaning of demolition, as this may encourage the proliferation of microorganisms.

+ Models of furniture made with wood

Wood effect the Cabinet – step by step

Watch the video below and learn how to create the effect of wood with a simple paint:

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Demolition Mobile: Learn How to Make These Rustic Pieces
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