Decorative Week (CXXXIII)

It’s Sunday and rain or shine here we are, once again, to share with you in our decorative week those blogs that have especially drawn our attention by their findings, your inspiration or interesting experiences in the last seven days.

Start confessing that I am quite tired of seeing the same Nordic style apartments beyond where you look. Every hen day, bitter kitchen, saying my grandmother. However recognize that Delikatissen It manages to always bring a different point of view which makes that we endure better fatigue. One example this duplex, which she has described as a mixture of rustic and modern to get a stately air.

Again find Nordic references in Give amine. Of course, that in this occasion mixed with Arab air, creating a new noretnic. Mixed with iconic Scandinavian parts smoothed with wooden spoons and Baroque cushions, Moroccan trays, and bowls make me reconcile again with life.

View which is falling in many parts of Spain we are in agreement that there is nothing better than the magic of the tones cake to make the day more sad and grey in cheerful and romantic. And if not see the collection of beautiful images of the blog of Holamama.

In The Peku It has also decided to give color to their life and their lamps, so they have put hands to work and they have transformed two dark and boring in others cheerful and spring. Very easy, just with spray paint and a change of screens.

Our colleagues from HowStuffWorks give us a few interesting tips on how to choose a room to sleep. And in Technology of your you We speak of five bars sound to improve the audio of our ultra-thin TV. In both cases more than recommended reading.

Finally we remind you, as always, that you’re in time to answer our question of the week. On this occasion we would like to us contarais what has been your last feat with DIY. And you know that if you have a publication which appear interesting to our decorative week You can tell it through our contact form. Until Sunday coming.