Decoration – the Lighting of T=the Double Room

What is the best lamp for the bedside table? How to create a romantic mood using lighting and without overdoing it? What if there is a TV in the room? I like to read, my husband does not…How to do it? There are so many questions to light the room…Let’s answer some:

The lighting in this room has good points:1) Directional lamps are more versatile than fixed, provide good illumination to read and diffused light that does not irritate your eyes. 2) The indirect lighting on the headboard wall is soft and creates a cozy mood. 3) The tear on the ceiling also illuminates the path smoothly. 4) There is no light on the TV.

The luminaires from the first photo above can look very beautiful, but they are not pleasant to look at in everyday life. And in the second photo, who needs 3 spotlights on their way to sleep?(They work just as badly as spots on the ceiling directed to the pillows!)

Always keep in mind that reflected light is “bent” light and that if you want a lamp to read, it should be high enough to light your book directly, which does not happen in the second picture.C

Always be very careful with the reflections and “effects” of the luminaires. They can be quite uncomfortable.

Always ask yourself what function the luminaire will have (what is it for?) Before choosing a model. The one from the first picture above is beautiful, but what does it work for?) And of course you can have 2 different lamps, but prefer models that have something to do with each other or have something to do with the environment Is the case of the second picture lamp, do you agree?)

Opt for “warm” light (yellow) but do not forget that if the lamp emits a lot of heat (incandescent, halogen…) the wallpaper, depending on the material, can “burn” and get marked. Finally, if you want ceiling lamps, make sure the measurements, not to hit the head after…