Customizing with Comic Book-Tips for Paste Hqs in Shoes

The wave to customize those accessories that are already gathering dust in closets, surprise us more and more. The creativity of the people has no end, an example of this is the idea to customize shoes with tales of comic book.

Not only for fans of comic books, but also for those who like to customize, the idea of using the drawings of comic book to decorate your shoes is creative and stylish. Another advantage is that your shoe will win a new face and will leave some look dull and will have a unique and original style.

Separate a video that teaches you step by step to customize your shoes pasting comic books, check out how to customize your shoes with Comics and get inspired:

Customizing the Shoes with HQs

Customize your shoes is an alternative to innovate the wardrobe and spend little. Join this trend of Do It Yourself (DIY)-do it yourself is the option to save and have exclusivity in time to compose their looks. Bet on this wave of comic books in the feet and work at the Club, Mall, streets or anywhere you go.

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