Comparative Sipik Sk68 and Clones

Comparative Sipik Sk68 and clones.

LED: Cree XP-E. (Q5 according to seller).
BATTERIES: 1 x AA – 1 X 14500.
Runtime and modes: high, low, strobe.
SWITCH: Push-button Tailcap.
DATE: December, 2014
Newfrog. Link Cree Q5 Newfrog


Before starting I would like to thank the administrators of this magnificent Forum, along with the moderators, who in addition to having created this super site, work with the sponsors of the same from time to time users receive free products. All this in an altruistic manner with the only requirement of having donated the Forum the ridiculous amount of $ 5 since it was set up the same. In Exchange for this also enjoy and learn from this hobby, even over we have something from time to time that it far exceeds the value of the donation. Thanks a lot.

Of course thank our sponsor Newfrog this flashlight gift, and support that carried out through sponsorship to Forolinternas.


Thanks to our sponsor Newfrog, forolinternas has been able to auction between members several of these modest but useful and durable lanterns based on the popular Sipik SK68. In particular we have a clone of 3 modes. Personally I think perfect tool for occasions where we may very occasionally need a flashlight, and can annoy us to leave for such uses a brand name flashlight. For example left a lantern in a car many months unused with an alkaline battery, in a Toolbox, in a drawer somewhere where it is not common that we use it, etc… I consider them reliable lights despite his modesty, and sufficient lighting to get clearance for this type of sporadic situations, which added to its price make it a flashlight to be included in the “salvaocasiones box” of all the linterneros.

Start indicating that the flashlight came in a white box with bubbles, accompanied by a card of our magnificent Forum. All this in a padded envelope. All phenomenal, and also with the nuance that the box came in perfect condition. Inside the clone of Newfrog stayed in black


We have the typical clone that we all know. I want to highlight the flashlight comes without any scratch, scrape or anodized in evil zone State, something that is not easy to happen in this type of flashlight, perhaps because of the manufacturing or packaging process. Within his modesty his quality is adequate compared to what you can get to send in these clones. Below are pictures along with other clones.


This is probably one of the sections where more differences there are between this type of flashlights. If we focus at a certain distance from the wall, check that they exist with several hoops in the projection (Sipik SK68), there are no rings (Uinfire), and clone of newfrog projects with another ring around the primary, but in a uniform way. In this sense is that I like along with the Uinfire. If we bring more lanterns to wall projections of differently you can appreciate. In the pictures below you can see the differences between one and another.

Newfrog clone

Sipik SK68




As all these clones flashlight lights the Tailcap, turning as follows to the last that we have off. It has no memory of modes. What a total candidate flashlight to use a 14500, largely contracts with my recommendation as sporadic use flashlight, leaving his side (which not inside) an alkaline.

As we shall see in the following charts the relative potency is clearly superior in every way with lithium and in relation to the Runtime, use AA flows increases the duration but with a dying light intensity. It must be borne in mind that for this test I used one of the best 14500 (olight protected) against some good quality Panasonic Evolta, but a modest capability in comparison with other AA today available on the market. Still I believe that it is a flashlight where really worthwhile using 14500.


Due to its great price, and what it offers in relation to the same believe it is a flashlight suitable for many applications, and take it in the car or leave it in places where occasionally can need it as a Toolbox, in places where we have sporadic outages, etc… If you have to use a flashlight in frequent use, transporthint will recommend something high level.