Choker, Shirt Tips and Inspirations to Use This Trend

The chokers, or in Portuguese the chokers, initially were present in the form of attachment and today comes invading the looks. The trend came with everything and spread the pieces such as blouses, dresses, tank tops, etc.

The chokers have won the heart of fashionistas and leave the look more modern, cool and sexy with a dash.

The trend came with everything this winter in knitting sweaters, sueters, and remain everything in spring/summer 2017/2018.

Time to choose which piece to buy, opt for neutral color because they allow the combination with other pieces of fashion and offer versatility in the Assembly of the looks.

Tips and inspirations:

The blouses with chokers engaged may also be part of the look of work. You can combine it with more formal pieces like slacks, skirt and blazer. They make the look more modern and powerful!

What’s missing are not models, fabrics and colors in the blouses with choker. Since the more neutral, with floral prints and the darling of the moment the print “vichy” (wear).

The pieces of this next season are stuffed with options with the details of the chokers. Can be more thin, more coarse, pearls coupled, rent, guipir, etc. Already have your? Bet on this trend!

Suggestions for buying the Blessed Moments Workshop:

We of the Blessed Moments Studio we are always connected and always seek to bring the best fashion for you. With that, split up some beautiful pieces that follow the trend of the blouses with choker and are available in our online store.

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