Ccb Regulates Fixed Structural Tents in Campgrounds

Very common in private campgrounds, fixed structural tents are part of the role of the campers pass card holders. Are not necessarily traditional tents that disassembles and are stored in bags for transport, are sometimes constructed with tubular steel and canvas definitively. Although they are not appreciated by the rules of the Camping Club of Brazil, ended up becoming commonplace in some campsites guaranteeing network an important monthly income.

On the last day April 23, at Board meeting of CCB, discussed deliberations in order to preserve discipline in the use of different equipment for camping with a view to regulating the standardization and the occupation of spaces and balancing the benefits of collective encamped.

The first National Resolution adopted takes care of rules and routines established ratified in regulation of use of Campsites, especially in items 11 (actually restricting the use of inadequate equipment and accessories), and 15 (correct occupation of predetermined spaces) and the National Resolution No. 01/86, referring especially to the trailers, motor homes, campers, mobile homes and the like.

The other National Resolution adopted at the meeting regulates the Assembly and the use of “structured tents” currently existing in sportingology, disciplining the network your way of assembling the steel structure, covers and side locks, to keep strictly the concept of easily removable equipment. The National Resolution edited, from 25 last April, is strictly forbidden entry, Assembly and use of new “structured tents” in the campgrounds of the CCB.

The full text of the two resolutions adopted by the National Directorate are available in the Ordinances of the campsites of the network and will be published in the next issue of the journal of the Association, as well as the tables of fees will take effect from next July.