Illuminated LED Lights

Proof that sustainable development forward as well for businesses and individuals, this initiative of Auchan. The distribution group proudly announces that it has equipped its 280,000 Caluire hypermarket Led bulbs. Do a bit of light on this project that we hope find

How to Choose LED Bulbs

How to Choose LED Bulbs3

Choose the led bulb according to his needs The led bulb is the new generation of bulbs for lighting in the House. Solution Economical and ecological, has led bulb remains an object to the following special features the different existing models. There are indeed

Pregnant and Hair Salon

Some women can’t even imagine spending nine months away from the Salon for reasons of: progressive brush. If you are pregnant, dear reader, you better forget straightening throughout gestation and lactation period. “The procedure is not indicated during pregnancy because it contains formaldehyde, a substance