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If you shave your upper lip every two or three weeks.
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They say that the amount of those who are born in the face depends on genetics. Must be why since I was 12 years old I need to shave my upper lip often.
At first the waxes were made exclusively at the beauty parlor, using hot or cold wax (I was terrified at the thought of the pain). Over time, day-to-day tasks have been driving me out of time, so I shave at home (it was painful, but what we don’t do to stay beautiful?).
I bought a cold wax hair removal sheets and put his hand in the cookie jar. Until I come out all right in the question.

Not enough pain already absurd that we pass, once my upper lip ended up getting burned. Think of a horrible discomfort, who hasn’t? Burns, hurts and upsets.
It was then that I decided to try the line hair removal technique. But what was that? Who was it that said that this technique doesn’t it? At least the wax is a pain. The line leaves by pulling a handful at a time, but it really hurts.
In addition, there was another much more negative point I found on line technique, though it is the recommended method for depilation of upper lip, felt that the effectiveness of the technique is not so good in the “remove the hairs”. Does not burn, but some by hell-bent on staying. Buáa!
But don’t despair! After telling some of my tragic experiences, bring you tips on how to avoid burns, and if it happens, what you should take care. Checks out there!

-How to avoid
Choose the method of hair removal with care
The recommended methods to do the waxing upper lip are: hot wax, and line clamp technique.
By making use of the hot wax, and stay tuned as to temperature. In this case, the wax warm State is enough to shave the area.
If you choose the cold wax method, remember, it is not indicated for the fluff, because in addition to being more prone to cause burns, with the passage of time makes the flabby skin and expression lines.
If you prefer shaving lotions, don’t forget to take the test sensitivity, because these have a higher risk of adverse reactions, such as allergies.

Prepare the skin 
Before depilation of upper lip it is recommended to clean the face with SOAP and water. Dirty skin can hinder the effectiveness of the method used and enhance the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Do not iron the wax several times in the same place
That’s a mistake that a lot of people have made, and in most cases is the main responsible of the burns of the upper lip. So guys, the rule is clear. In no event shall pass the wax several times in the same place. If any wires, remove with the help of our friend inseparable: clamp.

Do not use makeup
After waxing, the region of the upper lip is quite sensitive. So take a break from makeup, let your skin to recover for at least five days. The use of makeup can cause adverse reactions in the skin.

Use sunscreen
It’s no use, the use of sunscreen is essential in our daily lives. After shaving is not recommended to be exposed to the Sun, and even when you need to leave the House, do not give up the use of protector.

-How to treat
Well, I follow or don’t follow the rules and suddenly my lips burned.
First thing to do is to keep the area clean. For that use mild soap and water, no alcohol-based lotions. Take a break from makeup until the region recovers, the use of cosmetics can cause inflammation, redness or allergies.
If the burn does not worsen after two days, use a cream to hydrate the area, one of the most effective is the ointment bepantol.
If you took all the precautions, but the burn isn’t missing is necessary to seek a medical dermatologist, since it will indicate the best medications for your skin type.

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Burn the Fluff with Wax: How to Avoid and Treat
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