Berets-Moment Accessory

If there’s one thing the winter allows is the use of accessories. They are the most varied and always ensure style and elegance to your look. We’ve been through days ago of scarves, stoles and scarves, today we will talk of the berets.

And this accessory is emerging with everything after appearing for walkways, in parades signed by famous designers. The accessory managed to make the head of fashioners and is one of the trends of the fall/winter 2017.

The berets are a kind of flattened shape hat, French style, usually produced in sheep’s wool. Those that are appearing around now carry special details, covered in embroidery and sequins.

But a new accessory always brings also the question of how to use it, so we’re going to give some tips on how you can do to rock with this news.

How to use?

A great tip is to have fun with them without fear of making mistakes, so you’ll end up finding out which style of Hat suits you better. Here are some tips on how to use:

-Normally, the berets come with a logo or emblem. In time to use it, this logo should be centered between the two eyes or aligned with one eye;

-If your Beret is very basic, you can add a brooch to augment this;

The way we fixed up the hair when using the Beret is also another question, then:

-The easiest way to use the Beret is with the hair down. So, is sure to hit!

-Another way to use Beret is with low ponytail, leaving a more elegant;

-With a side braid, the Beret is super fashion;

-If you’re in hair day “rebels”, prefer to use it hiding all the hair;

-Can also be used with fringe, just fix the CAP a little more behind leaving more hair on display;

Colors and models

The classic model is the black, discreet and it goes with everything. One of the novelties of the “little black dress” is the black leather beret that has given an air of modern Warrior girls.

There are also models in velvet and knitting, inspired by the glamour of the years 70. It is possible to find even that enjoyable berets, with a mix of colors, textures and embroidery.

And don’t think this accessory is only for girls. On the streets, the trend has already picked up and makes the head of both the women and the men. So, choose your beret and beauty parade.