Astrid: an Octopus to Organize Your Day to Day

Now while I stopped using paper agendas to plan my week and day to day tasks and I moved to the electronic format. Personally all are advantages, though not why I stop being aware of its drawbacks, and the pair Nexus One and Google Calendar are for me the bread of every day to not forget anything and do all that I intend to.

The other day Alvaro I spoke of our site, a super Task Manager based on the philosophy GTD (Getting Things Done) to keep note of all our daily activities. Today I bring you an alternative different but with the same philosophy: Astrid.

Astrid, there is no excuse to forget something

Astrid is a simple task manager with which you can program events and activities that we will make in the coming days. And it is precisely that its greatest virtue: its simplicity. Create and manage tasks in Astrid is really easy, also allows us to personalize them by adding some other data, in addition to the date, and establish an order of priority. The interface, as you can see in the screenshots, is very discreet and intuitive.

Despite its simplicity, Astrid keeps a pair of ACEs in the sleeve. On the one hand syncs perfectly with Google Task and with Google Calendar, two tools that I use daily in my case. With the first service we can use tasks in the other and vice versa. While for Calendar tasks that we believe in Astrid you can export them to any of our calendars.

On the other hand we have the Desktop Widget which we can access tasks quickly, mark them as done and add new. However the widget of the free version is somewhat limited since it is a bit small (2 x 2) and does not see a scroll of all tasks list.

Astrid seems the best Task Manager for Android that I have tested to date. It is simple, effective, and integrates seamlessly with other productivity tools. In this area anyway, everything is a matter of taste and at the end our choice is more conditioned by our own way of organizing that due to other causes.

Astrid is an application totally free But if we want to more options We can buy an option the Astrid Power Pack by only 2.96 euros. The functions in this extension include the possibility of having boxes larger, to introduce voice notes, as in Evernote, and configure how long will last each task.