Ask Manolo: How Much Cotton Should It Be?

Hi I have a question about the t-shirts. What material should I choose when you buy a t-shirt? It is 100% cotton that apply or? Read on the page about a company that printed the t-shirts, our site, but their t-shirts are apparently made of 50/50 polyester/cotton. It is worse with those t-shirts or? All t-shirts I have at home is 100% cotton.

You can not really say that one is better than the other because different materials have different characteristics and thus are good in different ways. Pure cotton garments are therefore considered to be of higher quality.

Polyester fibre is a synthetically produced fibre that has become the world’s second most used fiber due to its material properties. It is a very durable material that dries quickly and is resistant. This makes it an excellent addition in clothes because it prevents the garment from being wrinkled and also makes it more durable. Polyesterfibern are also more colorfast than cotton fiber.

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber and is the most common ingredient in textiles. The fiber comes from the cotton plant, whose seeds are pavemen dda with the “hair” which we call the cotton. Cotton fiber has good moisture absorption capacity but are not as durable as polyester form.
100% polyester
A material in 100% polyester is extremely abrasion resistant and never need to be deleted. Its low moisture absorption and thermal insulation performance, however, makes it inappropriate to bear directly on the body.

A garment with 50% polyester and 50% cotton tend to generally be marketed as iron free. Many clothing chains men’s markets these garments with precisely this characteristic as the main argument. While polyester make the garment more colour resistant and durable makes elements of cotton that feels more comfortable on the body.

100% cotton
Garments in 100% cotton is unbeatable when it comes to feeling of quality. Cotton is much more expensive to produce than polyester and pure cotton garments are considered then to be just a bit finer than those with touches of polyester.
Garments with 100% natural fiber Wicks moisture away from the body, making them healthier to wear. However, they have a tendency to shrink when washing. Usually, it involves a shrinkage of about 5%. Don’t you like wrinkled t-shirts, you should be prepared that there may be some ironing.