Nik & Jay won a DMA for “Årets Rethinks”, but it doesn’t stop here-away their new album cover to live through an application.

Last Saturday was the annual Danish Music Awards (DMA) held and Nik & Jay price won here as “this year’s Innovate” for their cooperation with Samsung.

And the innovation continues, for they have just launched a virtual 3D experience with the use of augmented reality, which is activated via the cover of their newest album “United”.

-“We see the digital media as a good opportunity to be in contact with those who are listening to us and our music. With AR technology can we get combined music with a visual experience, we have never seen before. We are looking forward to start at this sci-fi style travel with our fans and friends, “said Nik & Jay in a press release.

In short, this means that one via ClearView AR application can scan the plate cover and thus gain access to a new virtual universe directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Nik & Jay has chosen to use the technology to provide additional content and exclusive material on the new album, so when you scan the cover gets you access to, for example, music videos, singles, exclusive tracks, interviews and backstage footage and it costs you no more.

-“In the record industry is we constantly have to think and act more creatively to be in the front row-not least the pga. the slightly harder times with a declining CD sales in favor of streamingtjenester. With only an NFC-campaign along with Samsung and now AR-universe here, we feel that we, together with Nik & Jay, has taken a major step to meet the more digital way to consume music on today-and we believe that it provides a unique experience for the biggest fans, as well as those who just like to follow somewhat with in What happens of new things. We are very satisfied with it here, especially the ability to continuously update with new content, and looking forward to build on it with the team behind the system, “says Torben Ravn, product manager at Polydor Records, in a press release.

You can download the application for free in both AR ClearView Apple’s App Store and Google Play Large.

See in the video below, how the application works with Nik & Jay cover.

Application Evokes Nik & Jay Album-Cover for Live
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