Aneau Circus On Snowshoes

Once again we wanted to snap us some snow shoes and go to the Portalet. You have to take that the Circus of Aneau is well filled with snow because its northern orientation has kept the little snow that has fallen this season. Begins the adventure.

Tour of the circus of Aneau (in red)

February 19, 2017, is Sunday. Managing the Group of people that we are going to go, I’ve been more than one week. I have already booked the snowshoeing and sticks to a company of rent Biescas, is a sport on the rise and form groups big enough and demand much this material.

I’ve been controlling the time throughout the week. The forecast two days was already very good: sunny, 5 ° C Max. and-5°C minimum and hardly without gusts of wind. And as I have not, been guiding all participants of this exit snowshoes in all the necessary material that they have to carry.

It is very important to take into account to make snowshoes is not going to play in the snow or skiing. As go walking. I.e. you need comfortable clothes, light breathable and that you shelter. Itself, it is go with mountain clothes over the gaiters and a high waterproof footwear.
My favorite list is: snowshoes, boot waterproof, warm sock, thermal pants (or pants + mesh), thermal legging, layer 2 (if you do lack), waterproof or windbreaker, gloves, braga, hat, sunglasses, Sun cream, cocoa lip, crossing sticks. Let’s not forget a backpack with water, bars, fruit and light, with sufficient space to store food layer that we remove.

Start time of Zaragoza 8:20 am. We are 16 people total and we in 4 vehicles to minimize costs. In Biescas we are at 10:00. We rent and take a gentle lunch. We climbed up to the Portalet. As always, the parking are overcrowded, and people have already started to park along the road to respecting 2 vehicles. We equip and after a brief explanation of how they operate rackets at about 12:00 started the route.

Beginning of the route.

For many it is the first time coming out to do a route in snowshoes. They are afraid to be seen toes attached to them, but no one is complaining of discomfort, but on the contrary, are astonished by the great buoyancy that offer.

The gap to overcome is not much, but enough to make a dent in those people who are not used to make drop-offs.

Final climb to the Col 2240m

After a while crossing, begins a big raise. Let us all together. We stopped every 20-30 min to cool us and bring us some itching in the mouth. When we do the hill we have been 2hours and half. We are debating if a peak, but the tiredness has invaded more than one and chose to descend a little to prevent the air that makes up.

Stop for lunch on the Hill.

The descent begins. Here each one decides its modality. There are who prefers to make and lose zigzagging to avoid slipping, who are blocking the racket and low Strip big strides, and finally there is who decides to simply jump into the snow slide.

Down to the cars.

The day is still spectacular, but to turn us back to the car, we can see that they are beginning to come a few clouds for the part of France. We continue our pace and always enjoying the Virgin snow.

Enjoying the snow.

It’s been more than 4 hours and we are about to reach the car. More than one suffers from blisters by the friction of any boot.It is normal, since more than one uses a new shoe or simply is delicate feet, as in my case. Yet this does not prevent ushaving enjoyed all day.

After collecting the material, take it back to the rental store and take a snack in Biescas to deal with return to Zaragoza, we embarked on a historic jam at Monrepos. Yet the desire to spend it well are not removed we, and fun in the car talking about everything that we have lived today.

21:00 we are in Zaragoza’s return. A very intense day and a new route to our list. When another adventure: Jaise, José Carlos, Santi, Raquel, Sandra, Pablo, Raquel A, Fran, Carlos, Gianluca, Victor, Chabi, Rodrigo, Alberto and Maria.?

You, what are you waiting to date to live this adventure? Remember that there are many options of route del Portalet.