An Airline Prohibits Boarding Passengers For Wearing Leggings

The United Airlines has banned embarking two teenagers and a 10-year-old girl for wearing leggings. Yes, as you hear. It is not a joke.

It has happened at Denver Airport on a flight to Minneapolis, and of course, has sparked a storm of criticism in social networks, especially on Twitter. The two girls did not have clothes to change at that time and could not board. What is your opinion?

Put yourself in your situation. You are going to catch a plane and they will not let you go up because you have leggings. A joke? Not at all. It has occurred in the United States where the United Airlines airline United Airlines did not let two girls and a 10-year-old girl board for carrying that garment.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, an association for the prevention of gun violence in the United States, has been in charge of raising the voice. Watts was on the same plane and denounced what happened on his Twitter account: “Is a United agent not letting a leggins girl on the flight from Denver to Minneapolis because the license is not allowed?”.
“The airline agents have forced them to put on leggings to be able to board. Since when is United police how women dress? “ Watts added in the tweet. “The agent has asked the girls to put on another outfit to be able to board, and she has defended herself by saying that” she did not make the rules, she only complied.”

The two girls did not have clothes to be able to change at that moment and could not embark. While a ten-year-old girl who also wore this garment her mother put a dress over her and was able to get on board.

Airline response prohibiting boarding passengers for wearing leggings

United Airline stipulated that the contract with the customer stipulated that the airline “has the right to veto passengers that it considers to be not properly dressed .  But of course, where the limit is set. Are the leggings a pledge that will attack something? We do not believe it, on the, we think it is very fashionable, and we give you a guide to know how to combine them.

Later a United Airlines spokesman, Jonathan Guerin, explained that the reason they were not allowed to board was because they were flying with a United employee card, a privilege granted to workers and their relatives to travel for free Or at a very discounted price.Chance?
People like to be comfortable when they fly and the ‘leggings’ have become a casual outfit for women, and very comfortable. We give you 10 ways to take them, because we see is a macho behavior. True?