AMU Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup: the Song of the Birds

Some blogs I like to read, cooperate with Rouge Bunny Rouge -I’ve seen quite a few looks with the company’s products. In the Glossybox December I had an eye shadow* from the collection of the song of the birds. My rosewood pink nuance is tantalizing Lovebird (number 12). In fact, she is somewhat brighter than it looks on the photo on my screen.

The 2.4 g eye shadow are in a robust plastic box which can be easy to open and close again and feels high quality. Inside, a mirror is attached on the opposite side to the powder bowls. Unfortunately, there is no place for any form of applicator. For traveling I’d that very practical, because he is not good with your fingers to apply.

The Lidschattenkostet EUR 24,-in the online shop (if necessary plus shipping). That is the most expensive Mono eyeshadow I own and I would have spent the money not because that is simply beyond the scope of reasonable for me. So beautiful an eyeshadow for me from today’s perspective is unacceptable, that he is worth me. On the other hand the more beautiful that I could test it on the box.

My experience with tantalizing Lovebird

AMU Rouge Bunny Rouge Makeup the Song of the Birds

The eyeshadow is silky soft on behalf and the mica is very finely ground (or been processed anyway). He can dazzle but heavy and difficult well dosed apply. I tried it with the fingers, a cat tongue brush made of natural hair (which otherwise is for all powder eye shadow) and an applicator foam.

The color looks more pink than brownish on my warm-toned skin. I seem to be somewhat verheult without Brown knit of the eyelid or eye shadow on the Lashline. When I give you something brownish to do so, it is however very soft and friendly. In the photo I have backstage dual active makeup used as primer and the lid rim with quite charming of p2 from the LE spring please! 2012** stressed.

If I use the compact powder as a primer – what I normally do – the eyeshadow stops throughout the day. If I wear it up directly on the eyelid, he settles for a short time in the crease.


I will further use tantalizing Lovebird because I have such beautiful songs, he has started and I would think it otherwise shame to him. I would buy him or a different color from the collection. The job is too cumbersome and the price too high. I can’t understand the hype around the brand. The squiggly product descriptions are on top too much me.