A Smartwatch That Detects Attacks and Emotional Stress

Whether we are for or against the wave of connected objects that is revolutionizing our daily lives, it must at least acknowledge that they are most useful. Or even very useful as this smartwatch, Embrace, designed to detect an attack or emotional stress.

Connected objects very popular with the public, we include the connected bracelets and watches connected. Like the trackers of activity, these are equipped with sensors to collect throughout the day of their user data. Number of steps taken, calories burned, average speed… This monitoring system concerned more and more manufacturers and the medical field, in order to develop devices capable of facilitating the exchange of information between the patient and the doctor.

Save the Feet Activity

As Chief Engineer at the MIT Media Lab, Dr. Rosalind Picard is closely studying what it is possible with the technology now available. In an article published on the website, KQED’s Science, the journalist Jessica Carew Kraft, described the device developed by the scientist as well as its features. This one, unlike the trackers of activity used by the large audience, does not collect not only the usual data, but has a sensor that will allow him to collect medical information.

« The Dr. Picard hope that the sensor, which measures the electrical response of the skin will soon save lives by predicting major events of health and seizures “, wrote the journalist. According to jibin123.com, this smart watch was designed by Empática, a creative team developing portable devices and medical quality sensors. Among its functions, it saves the feet activity (EDA in English for Electrodermal Activity), biological activity that is recorded on the surface of the skin.

She is the reflection of the glands, sweating as well as the autonomic nervous system activity. Feet activity is useful for studying the involuntary behaviour of an individual. Data collected by the smartwatch will then be sent wireless to the user’s smartphone. In itself, this technology is not new since it is already used to perform polygraph tests, the famous polygraph.

Communicate Better and Act Better?

What changes with the new sensor, it’s because of power continually read the information provided by the human body, for constant monitoring of the emotional state of patients, for example involving an increase in respiration to a psychological or physiological excitement. The project of Dr. Picard goes further than “simple emotional track. The team doctor indeed could show that the sensors to the watch could be helpful for people with autism, by revealing emotional episodes that could not be expressed verbally.

Responses to the episodes of crises of autistic people vary, which can sometimes be violent. The information collected by the device could, according to Dr. Picard, allow physicians to make better decisions on how to respond to these crises.

More Alone in the Event of Seizure

Other crises, such as those caused by epilepsy could be anticipated thanks to the device. ” When the people with epilepsy do Embrace, they will receive an alert when an unusual event is happening, as a crisis of seizures. . Information will be sent to their smartphone, and then their parents, roommates, nurse or anyone to help ” explains the Indiegogo to Embrace page.

More generally, the smartphone app can be set up for instance that the device vibrates when the user reaches a certain threshold of stress, until this one is too important and may represent a potential health hazard. The application will also allow to better understand what will have been the sources of stress for the user during his day.

The campaign of the project ended last January and has managed to raise $ 782 865. The next step to realize the smartwatch Embrace is to complete the process of FDA approval, andcomplete production of the first models for campaign donors.