60’s Jewelry: Elegance by Need

The jewelry of the 60’s is a continuation of my previous post about the jewelry of the 50’s (I’ll leave the link at the end of the post). Together we will learn not only how classic accessories were a trend in the 60’s but also the special gifts of that era: hippie fashion and boho style.

Jewelry from the 50’s to the 60’s:

Despite the dominant unisex fashion of the 50’s and 60’s, the trends and style of women of that era focused on the reflection of sensuality and sexuality.Overall, all the girls looked like princesses.The jewelry as described in accessory designs of the 60’s is actually something similar to the style of the 50’s, but in this new era, the girls became more sexual.

The jewelry of the 60’s, was much more comfortable to wear.

The legendary fashion of the 60’s, is the most brilliant in the history of the world of fashion.

The free and expressive period, was called juvenile fashion, being of the era of the hippies. It was no longer a desire to be in the fashion of high society, but also for middle-class people.

In the 60’s, all areas of life were in search of new ways and thoughts.

The earrings with geometric shapes , was a luxurious style that was beginning to emerge and the women showed their individuality with unusual combinations.The classic demanded new cuts and fragile models, like Twiggy, that gained a great popularity.In that kind of girl, the big jewels looked even stranger.

Where to buy jewelry from the 60’s:

The best style of the accessories were the pearls: earrings of pearls, bracelets of pearls, necklaces of pearls or simple earrings of diamonds. As I said before, the fashion of the 60’s, was completely opposed to that of the 50’s, the era of awakening for everyone began. Girls from families who had little money, could also be fashionable. And all that, because the jewelers of the 60’s, also made jewelry with artificial pearls, and even multicolored. Some accessories with pearls, can be found in the online store Nammu:

Among the jewelry they wore, there were also necklaces made of natural materials, such as amber and coral.
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Stylist tips:

They wore models with avant-garde styles and large accessories made of plastic with bright colors. The romantic and lush styles are complemented by neat jewelry, but bulky rings and bracelets were rare. The straps for the short dresses, were thin and for the long dresses were wide.
In the second half of the 60’s, fashion began to change rapidly. Synthetic fabrics and plastic ornaments appeared.

And what about the colors, drawings and engravings of jewelry? The fashion of the 60’s, is characterized by its vivid colors: red, blue, pink, green, yellow, orange. And the most appropriate were dots, stripes, abstract patterns and small floral motifs. Most important, it was that the earrings or necklaces should be bright and favorable for black and white combinations.
The 60’s hippie jewelry:

In the 60’s, the ethnic hippie style became very popular.

It was the style of people who were struggling with passion for freedom and who were away from the trade.This trend remains popular to this day.

The beads and pendants had to be large, long and short , made of cloth, metal, plastic or stones.

Literally the whole neck had to have beads of different lengths, forms and colors. The jewelry was about the eternal celebration, happiness, carelessness and tranquility.

However, the shape of life and the philosophical concept of the hippies, gave the world an extravagant style that will always characterize the jewelry of the 60’s.Its elements can be seen not only in everyday life, but also in the parades of world-famous designers.

The jewelry of the hippies, is based on the introduction of ethnic elements.

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pearl weaves and other materials were especially popular.

Jewelery boho:

The boho style also emerged in the 60’s. Click for tuitear.

On the outside it looked like a hippie style, but it differs from it ideologically.Boho appreciates individuality and personal expression, while hippies appreciate democracy and equality.

It is believed that the revival of the boho style, was thanks to the modern interpretation of Kate Moss.

In the 2000s, the pursuit of self-expression, brought jewelry mixed with unusual and creative looks.