5 Tips on Wedding Decor. Includes Magic Word: Shopping Discount!

Wedding Decor is the tip of the veil, the filling into the cupcake, the Crown on the bride. Hochzeitdeko is the topping, the cream, the chocolate. In short: Guestbooks is not the most important.

But the most beautiful thing in a wedding.

In the guestbooks you can fall in love himself, reverse künsteln is, lose yourself. You don’t want?

I give it to: here is the detailed faecal deante. Honeycomb balls, masking tape, paper flags – the stuff was invented for me. So, I speak from experience.

Here comel five decorating tips from weddinginfashion.com for your wedding.

  1. It starts with the color. If you have decided for Mint , then remains. This combined a few “non-colours” such as gray, white and black. Did you decide first for a color, then it goes on cheerfully.
  2. Make up your minds for a style. Rustic, vintage, urban, green wedding, bohemian, classic. What suits you.
  3. Get a mood Board – with found objects, scissors, glue and paper or electronically on Pinterest . Look at again and again that, if you go down in the sea of wedding decor ideas.
  4. Small savings tip on the edge: often there are things where not “wedding” written on it. As these Easter baskets. At the hardware store, there are copper pipes, you can cut to candlesticks and in the curtain Department you find top (the gown this wedding was a curtain fabric. It is not believed or?).
  5. Now comes the most important Tip: If you decorated it makes not too perfect. This whole great, colour-coded and stylistically from stimmen have decorative things that worried you or made : arranging it so, as if they were random and incidentally recorded. Incidental. The imperfection is perfect stage: this is the high school of decorative art.

If I’m looking for decoration I way, always happy to go shopping at the Partyerie . I have even compiled to you my favorite pieces.

Hope you like them:

1: paper rosette Craftpapier | 2: Balloon decoration set | 3: cake plate Mint | 5: confetti pastel gold | 4: cupcake Topper gold | 6: muffin Topper: fabric fly | 7: paper napkins ombre | 8: paper cups ombre

And because it has such nice stuff, I out did for you at Birgit a discount:

With the code “forloversonly” you will get 10% discount on everything this month (until the end of April).

Discount: is that not the magic word for all Dekofans?