4 Nexus Is It Chokes a Google Play

The new logo of Google, the Nexus 4 phone It has become to put on sale in Google Play tonight, only for United States, but if – for reasons that are – have you tried to buy one right now you may have noticed the problems that Google is having to make sales due to traffic that is receiving the page.

Beyond the irony of that might be, that one of the giants of the internet is not well equipped to deal with so much load on their servers, problems with those users that we have tried to make a purchase We found four:

  • Sold out items: in many cases, and randomly the Google web gives as sold all the stock one or two models (8 and 16 GB capacity) of the terminal, leaving no add to cart.
  • The shopping cart is empty: in other cases, one or both models are available, but when we have to add them to the shopping cart loads us a page indicating that there has been a problem with our application and return to try it, because our shopping-cart is empty.
  • It gives error when going to pay: Once we have managed to put one of the Nexus in the shopping cart gives error in proceeding to make the purchase and urges us to try again later.
  • The website does not load: directly, the web nor deigns to load.

Solution?, because by now only that gives Google, wait and have patience (traduzco):

Google Play is experiencing a high traffic. The Nexus-4 is not exhausted and will be available for purchase. Please try again in a while. Thank you for your patience.