3g Watchdog: a Can to Control Your Data Rate

Many of you may possibly have a contracted data rate. No doubt is a luxury to have Internet always at hand whether we work with it or for fun. These rates tend to be a bit greedy and never we know very well how much actually consume.

Some of these are unlimited and after passing a certain number of megabytes low speed. Others on the other hand, reached the limit we are beginning to collect. To avoid surprises on your Bill or to control how much we spend exactly, there is no better application than 3g Watchdog.

So the first thing to do is to tell you how much starts and ends our billing period and how many megabytes has our rate. Starting from there this canine friendly will give us, free of charge, reports of how we are using our data rate, and how much to eat throughout the day, week and month.

Thus we know quite precisely how much we have and even makes us a projection of how many megabytes can use a day unless we get to spend. In addition allows the setting an alarm Let us know when we reach a certain percentage.

If you have a rate that is charged separately when you therefore a number of megabytes you can configure 3g Watchdog to restrict data 3G traffic until you reboot the billing cycle. No doubt a very useful option for those who have this type of contracts.

For those who don’t want to rummage in the apps menu 3g Watchdog you have a great widget that allows you to see comfortably from our desktop data consumption. Additionally we can set a reminder on the top bar to let us know of this.

3 g Watchdog Pro: more data and statistics

As we have already said 3g Watchdog is free and the truth is that she does very well its role. However some have perhaps less some more concrete data. To cover these shortcomings we have one Super Premium version.

Okay, we know how many megabytes are spending, but that is not enough for us. Version pro will tell us how much has spent each application in a day, a week or a month. A very useful information to know where to spend more, and if we spent, have better control.

For lovers of the graphs and stats pro version of 3g Watchdog It has a few graphs much more complete and fractionated according to different time periods. Personally I use daily 3 G and all such data are very useful to me.

In short, if you are looking for a manager of your data without more connections the free version of 3g Watchdog perfectly fulfills its mission. If you want more options for configuration and data the pay version, whose price is of 2,25 EUR, It is a totally recommended purchase. In any case, This application is essential for users of data rates.