2 × 1 Night Light Philips Disney Frozen for Only € 13.88

If you are looking for a bedside lamp so that the kids in the House sleep calm and unafraid, attentive @ to the bargain that we bring you today. It is all a 2 × 1 in which we both like in ofertitas.

2 × 1 Night Light Philips Disney Frozen for Only € 13.88

The Philips Disney Frozen Nightlight and projector you can find at hetongdiy.com only €13.88 with free shipping if you are a premium member.

All children go through different fears throughout his childhood, and the fear of the dark is one of the most common. It’s scary to most children sleep with the light off, or call us so we go with them if they wake up.

A night light that softly illuminate the room will get the kids to sleep calm and will not panic if they wake up completely in the dark in the middle of the night.

With this lamp Philips Frozen blue succeed in this objective as well as showing a nice picture of the protagonists of the film that surely will delight children.

We find a LED lamp low consumption of warm white light, which does not need to connect to the light since it works with 3 AAA batteries, so there is no worry about if children pick it up or move it, because they not caught with no cable.

But as we said at the beginning, it’s a 2 × 1, since in addition to night lamp, this product from Philips is a projector that features 24 fun pictures of the Disney film Frozen which can be displayed on any wall.

The images are 3 rotating discs with 8 images each and use is as simple as the disc and go turning it, so to children themselves may use it.

Get your kids to sleep quiet and accompanied by their favorite characters Frozen only €13.88 with this lamp and projector 2 × 1 of Philips. Also has very good reviews on Amazon, here you can see some:

My daughter is thrilled! And we also because it is very tough! Already dropped several times to the ground and is still intact and working perfectly.

My daughter loved it. Since you have it sleep in her bed without calling me by fear or come to mine. Light does not disturb but at the same time illuminating the room and over with my daughter’s favorite images. Ideal for those who are afraid of the dark and love Frozen

We are happy with this purchase, the night light is a little strong for my daughters room but the part of projector is a marvel, projects very beautiful images, can be adjusted to focus from near or far and is very easy to handle the little ones also. Being in the dark and watch your favorite movie scenes love the children.