1First Low Cost 7W Led Bulb

Consumption: 7W (measured 7W)

Energy rating: A+

Equivalence: 50W

Lumens: 600 lm

Color: 3000K

Adjustable: No

Dimensions: 96 x 55 mm (100 x 55 mm measured)

Length: 15000 hours (>=15000 ignitions)

Price: €5.50

Origin: China (Carrefour)

This bulb has features similar to the LowCost of 7W which we already test before.

It seems that this new bulb of smaller size have become more realistic indicating an equivalence with one bulb of 50W (instead of 60W) and ignition cycles lasting>=15000 (instead of >= 30000).

Where have cast is in the energy saving that clearly say a 90% savings (no led bulb which I have seen come to both, always put 80-85%. how calculated it?) Because 90% of 50W are 45W bulb spends 7W and non-5W with what energy saving is really a 86%

In the ranking of lighting remains below its predecessor falling in the category of light bulbs less than 60W tied with the halogen Aigostar 42W. Surely alumbra less because the light diffuser is not straight (semicircular) as its predecessor but egg shaped, and send part of the light backwards.

This bulb has exactly the same measures as a light bulb incandescent/halogen standard (theoretically, because by placing side by side is larger, I measured it and actually measuring 100 mm x 55 mm and not 96 mm x 55 mm as indicated on the packaging)

Unlike its predecessor this if you have heat sink: light bulb body now is not leaky plastic but of a material similar to the metal/aluminium painted as the of the Ledare, Philips or Osram bulbs but not noticed that in spite of and does not prevent to get the temperature reaches 72 ° c a little while sitting on.

Not I could open the bulb to see leds that mounts as I did with its predecessor, because it is hermetically sealed and would have to break it open.

If you enter data into the calculator, it gives us a theoretical saving of €8.55 and a duration of more than 2 years with these usage parameters:

For a little more than the double/triple the price of this bulb can get Mark Philips or Osram led light bulbs already commented on this blog that much more light and last long (at least in theory)