13 Accounts Instagram with Porcelain and Ceramics as Protagonist

It makes a couple weeks make a small listing with some Instagram accounts on decoration that fall in love with somebody. Today, in its wake, but focusing on one of my great passions, we are going to show you 13 accounts Instagram to porcelain as protagonist.

Scores of shops, signatures, and of course, sculptures, which traps us daily with their creations, and course, with compositions that create with your photos, authentic source of inspiration to decorate or put a beautiful and charming table. Are not all are, but yes they are all join us in this small run by these accounts?

The creative genius of Guille García-Hoz

A photo published by G U I L L E G A R C I a-h or Z (@guillegarciahoz) Feb 15, 2016 (s) 11:45 PST

There is little to say about the boundless creativity of Guille. We have seen his works in places such as Home Decor, supporters of their Gerardos and his Hinds, as standard bearers of his work, are legion. And in his shop in Madrid has parts that take us to the heart. So was justice begin this overview of Instagram accounts with ceramics as actor with this name.

Inspirational tableware from Azarraluqui

A picture published by azarraluqui (@azarraluqui) 8-Mar-2016 (s) 2:05 PST

Andrea Zarraluqui has created around its painted tableware by hand all a world full of flowers, toucans, cactus, fishes, butterflies or dragonflies. Full design and color tableware, ideal now that becomes the spring and good weather.

The creative universe of Oh Granny

A photo published by Oh Granny! (@ohgrannyshop) 26 Jul 2015 (s) 3:05 PDT

I love the charming creative universe Oh Granny has created in their dishes inspirandose in the magical world of dreams, tales and legends reflected in the pieces baked handmade by Illustrator and ceramicist Eduardo Masias.

The Nordic style of Royal Copenhagen

A photo published by Royal Copenhagen (@royalcopenhagen) Feb 20, 2016 (s) 10:01 PST

Royal Copenhagen Danish design continues to set style since its inception in 1775, and instagram continue to surprise us with his elegant compositions to show his different collections.

The romantic style of Villeroy Boch

A photo published by Villeroy & Boch Spain (@villeroyboches) 23 Feb 2016 to (s) 12:54 PST

The German firm Villeroy & Boch continues to create delicious dishes with which to dress our tables, combining innovation and tradition in plates, trays or mugs. Unique pieces with that characteristic style com aires romantic from 1748.

The sophisticated luxury of House of Perrin

A photo published by House of Perrin (@casadeperrin) 17 Feb 2016 (s) 8:18 PST

I have to admit that I am completely trapped by the compositions of House of Perrin, an American marriage of Diana and Josh Perin that create some of the most beautiful tables for celebrities more warmly of the time in the world. As you can see, their tables, and dishes used to dress them, are truly fascinating.

Magot, amazing ancient porcelain

A photo published by MAGOT (@magot.es) sea of 2016 9 (s) 8:47 PST

Magot is a store located in the Chamberí Madrid with one wonderful selection of antique porcelain you will be if you’re a fan of porcelain, with special attention to the porcelain hand painted in the 19th century.

Favorite Studio, ceramic with personality

A photo posted by @favoritostudio on 21 Jan, 2016 (s) 10:52 PST

Its delicate and precious pieces are common in fashion magazines and markets. And the truth is that it is not for less. I particularly I love the cups and dishes in this ceramic Studio, but also to create other pieces such as vases or planters.

Inspired by nature to the dishes of bread

A photo published by the dishes of bread (@losplatosdepan) 21 Dec, 2015 (s) 4:39 PST

Barbara is the artist who hand painted one by one these delicate porcelain plates in very soft, special colors and with a wide variety of reasons, with special attention to the source of inspiration that mother nature provides us.

Sargadelos and its unforgettable style

A photo published by Sargadelos (@sargadelos_) the sea of 2016 4 (s) 7:34 PST

With two centuries of history behind them, the ceramics of Sargadelos is one of the most known and famous in our country. From his native Galicia, Sargadelos exports its precious pieces, with that characteristic range of colors with blue and white as main protagonists.

The chic touch of Abe The Ape

A photo published by Abe The Ape (@abetheapedeco) 5-Mar-2016 (s) 4:45 PST

Behind Abe The Ape is the Illustrator Abraham Menéndez, an artist from the feet to the head that creates these originals ceramic plates decorated with beautiful illustrations of different themes. The mine without a doubt, those of movies and stories.

Le elegance of Vista Alegre

A photo published by Vista Alegre Atlantis (@vistaalegreofficial) the sea of 2016 1 (s) 3:52 PST

The Portuguese firm Vista Alegre is one concerning great Europeans in the field of ceramics. Their dishes have dress tables from generations ago, and today, combining craftsmanship with parts manual painting and the most advanced technology, remains at the forefront of the international ceramic world.

Humanized animals Ornamante

A picture published by ORNAMANTE (@ornamante) 7-Mar-2016 (s) 4:55 PST

Not to be the last, they are the least important. To end this small review for some of the accounts of Instagram having ceramics as protagonist, we leave you with Ornamante, a Barcelona signing given humanlike ceramic animals that are part of their collections. As a great Star without any discussion, the Hippo Hipólito, in their most different variants.