Online Colleges and Universities

Why an online degree? This question is asked by many students since the majority are taking on-site classes in a physical location. As the technology advances, however, traditional colleges are not the only choice for today’s business students. Distance learning allows students to obtain an degree while working full-time, thus to balance work and study.

Armed with a computer and a connection to the Internet, you can take classes at any time throughout the day. In addition, compared to a campus setting, an online education will save you much amount of money. No matter whether you want to compete your undergraduate education or earn an advanced degree, it is wise to consider an online degree program from an accredited college.

Capella University: Capella University enables adults to learn through distance learning by offering online graduate and undergraduate degrees, including BA, BS, MA, MBA, and PhD. More Information
Kaplan University: Kaplan University is an accredited online institute for studies in paralegal, criminal justice, and legal nurse consulting. It offers over 120 types of online degrees. More Information
Western Governors University: Western Governors University offers online courses across the country and the world. It has over 10 colleges and universities. Based in Salt Lake City, UT. More Information
University of Phoenix: University of Phoenix is a leading university offering web-based education. It also has learning centers and campuses in 13 states in the United States. More Information
Walden University: Located in Charlottesville, Walden University offers online master and PhD degrees in Management, Education, and Psychology through its distance education and learning programs. More Information

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