You in Tempojunto: a Homemade Toy

The Tempojunto has a “thing” that is amazing. The family of readers who accompany us and know how to joke makes a difference in the relationship with the children. And often the people here are happy, thrilled and surprised with every legal statement arrives, both in the blog comments, as on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We had already published before in the blog the homemade toys via, made with cardboard, you sent us the contest Antitédio Tempojunto Box. The ideas were amazing.

One of those people that always send us tips and tell us how the game is part of your everyday life is Leticia Glucksmann, who lives in Hortolândia and is with us since June 2015. She has a talent for turning cardboard and scrap in beautiful toys and stuffed with details for the children to play.

Today she writes here on Tempojunto and gives tips to two toys, inspired by our tips, you too do at home with the kids.

“Oiii, I’m Leticia and I am a mother of a 3-year-old Prince and a Princess of 5 years. Our fun is create toys”.

“I’ve always liked to create things, too by virtue of profession, since I am an artisan. I believe that toys are very important for the development of children, even better when joined with a cool joke!

My son recently created a track for stands with pieces of wood and pvc.”

“To create it I cut the wood into 3 squares of 40 cm x 40 cm and 8 pieces of pvc pipe with 20 cm. The ramps were made with pieces left over.”

Small details

“To my daughter made a super Barbie House using only pieces of cardboard and recyclable. All the furniture is packaged and decorated boxes.”

Here an addendum in the text. Look at every detail that Leticia built with cardboard and paint materials for the House:

“Do the toys was a delight and very satisfying. But the best part is watching them playing and having fun.”

If you want to know a little more of the work of Leticia, here a link to her channel on Facebook.

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