Xiaomi Mi4c: Test Shots Show The Quality Of The Sony Camera Sensor

Hardly the Xiaomi Mi4c is official, there a Weibo users published photos that were shot with the camera of the powerful mid-range smartphones. The recordings here demonstrate the quality of Sony IMX258 sensor, which is mounted in a part of the production lot.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S6, because not all units of Xiaomi Mi4c have the same sensor. So the Sony IMX258 as well as the Samsung S5K3M2 be used. The Sony component while waiting with some features which provide better image quality. A camera so equipped is up and running as quickly and delivers low-noise results as PhoneArena reports.

Quality At A Bargain Price

On Weibo, photos have surfaced even before the release of Xiaomi Mi4c incurred with the mentioned Sony sensor. As notes the author of the images, especially the shots in low light conditions are better than with previous devices.

The pictures show among others of the Chinese town of Dali old town, around the old East Gate with an overcast sky and a panorama of the surrounding mountains. Although the Xiaomi Mi4c is not a premium model, the quality of the photos but for a machine of this price range seems unusual to be high. The starting price for the Xiaomi Mi4c is $ $204; roughly $ 235 – a bargain, is the most expensive but, for example, a Snapdragon 808 like in the LG G4 integrated. A Germany start is for the Smartphone so far unfortunately still not announced.

Xiaomi Mi4c Test Shots Show The Quality Of The Sony Camera Sensor