Worth As an Entry-Level Smartphone?

The honor of 6A should be the ideal Smart phone for young beginners and is only 170 euros. What actually you get for so little money and whether or not a purchase is worth, has been tested n-tv.de.

Not so long ago, smart phones were really only to endure when you took the device only for simple tasks and out of pocket for less than 200 euros. Today, mid-range phones afford but already as much as some top smart phones two years ago and also in the U-200-League the quality has increased significantly. The new honor 6A costs just 170 euro, should be but so good, that it can meet the but high demands of young beginners. If it’s true, n-tv.de has tested.

Display goes so, performance sufficient

Visually the cheap smart phone makes her quite what. It has an aluminum cover on the back, but at least although no unibody enclosure made of metal. The processing is also very good and the device fits in the hand comfortably and safely. There is a fingerprint sensor for this price but yet and buyers of honor 6A must compromise on the display. Although HD resolution at the 5-inch screen for a sufficiently sharp pixel density of 294 ppi and the brightness is okay. However, contrasts and colors are not too strong and seen from the side the display muddies up pretty quickly. Also missing an oleophobic layer, which in addition, Schlieren tarnish the impression.

As for amenities, there is 6A for the honor but less to complain about. 430 Snapdragon Qualcomm processor and 2 gigabytes of memory are sufficient to provide a largely liquid control in everyday life. Also for popular games like “subway surfers” the honor of 6A is strong enough. However, the Chinese were somewhat stingy in the internal memory. 16 gigabyte Android leave 7 and Huawei’s user interface EMUI 5.1 times barely 7.5 GB left. This is still sufficient for a reasonable supply of the app and you can store photos and videos on microSD cards.

Good endurance, sensible cameras

A long life is important for smart phones, which are almost in continuous operation when younger users. And the honor of 6A not disappointed the expectations: the battery full 3020 mAh holds loose a normal teenage days through – through the frugal equipment of the appliance and the support of Huawei’s successful phone manager and which is saying something.

Also, the 13-megapixel camera on the back is okay for the price range. Although it is not the stumbling, but so long she has sufficient light, it makes pretty pictures. Darker areas are but slightly soggy and after sunset, you should better adjust the shutter. Similarly, the 5-megapixel camera on the front. Here, it is also advisable not to make Selfies in backlit situations.

You can not be

All in all is a good entry-level Smartphone, where especially the endurance and the exterior like quite the honor of 6A. The cameras are okay and the performance enough. However, the question remains whether it is worthwhile to buy such a device. The answer: probably not. Because there are significantly better smartphones for some extra money. For example, this is much stronger-tipped honor 6 X only around 60 euros more expensive.

Even the G5 Moto and Nokia 5 provide a fingerprint sensor, better cameras, pure Android and higher-quality housing for nearly 180 or 200 euros. If you would like to spend really as little as possible, you wait just a little bit-the honor of 6A should be soon for 150 euro.