WordPress.com Wins Support of YouTube Videos

We can say that there are two ways to use WordPress. There is installable WP server – we use here at TB – available for download on WordPress.org, and the WP as a free publishing service, which can be accessed at WordPress.com. The first is completely customizable according to user preferences, while the second has several limitations.

One of the limitations was about to multimedia content that could be inserted into WP.com. To prevent malicious code to be entered on the blogs of the service, many HTML items are prohibited, including video players. This prohibition was valid for YouTube, but no more.

Owners of blogs on WordPress.com may already embeddar (board?) YouTube content. The Brazilian site team inserted a button below the player with the mark of WP. Just copy the code – something like [videolog 515326] – and insert into the body of the post, as if it were a normal text. When the post is published, the video will be displayed normally to the user.

Good to see that Brazilian services are gaining international prominence!