Wood Furniture: Style and Trends

By allowing combining styles, colors and textures of wood furniture are an indispensable ally in the decor of any home environment, since they give distinction and elegance, as well as a unique touch adapted to every taste.

Furniture is a decorative element capable of attracting the eyes of guests and surprise them, as aceinland says. Wood furniture Stylize environments since there are innovative designs, and also combine styles, colors and textures.

Dark, such as walnut, mahogany and cherry tones, dominated the market of wooden furniture for years. This year, however, the shades are the protagonists. Its advantages are recalcables: softer appearance blends with any design style and lighten any decorative set. In Argentina for example, wooden furniture of pine or poplar with high design, have great possibilities for their clear tones.

Upholstery with intense colors
Grey and beige stopped being the only colors used as base and gave way to ringtones as deeper and more intense as the Navy or plum color, currently considered as neutral, for its ability to combine with other tones and styles. Achieve great contrasts between the fabric and the wood is at the forefront of modern design.

Indoor outdoor furniture
It is a trend that every day takes boom and for example, consists of placing banks used in the squares in places like the living, combining with other furniture, in order to mix rustic with sophistication and class. On the other hand, combined with the wood natural glass are intelligent options that attract the gaze of visitors.

Design with geometric lines
This type of furniture are a formidable way to break the monotony and introduce an unexpected detail, this style of design brings surprise in any environment.

Ecological furniture

It is the latest trend and in this space the wood is protagonist as any other material. Options are for example furniture with recycled wood, pallets or produced using sustainable and renewable resources, as for example furniture of wood from planted forests (can be poplar, eucalyptus or pine, among others). Hard and native timber furniture have given way to this new phenomenon with a multitude of design possibilities and the great advantage of being a renewable material.

About CADAMDA – the wooden camera

The Chamber of wood – CADAMDA was created on July 2, 1903, when a small core of owners of sawmills and vacant lots of wood for the first time a meeting was held in order to exchange ideas about the founding of a society in order to defend and enhance the interests of the Guild. The society of sawmills and wood forklift emerged from there. Back then and already more than 100 years ago, it was the birthplace of most of the companies in the industry and brought to the almost all of them. It is as well that the institution has been able to maintain is unalterable in time, because he was and meets the objectives for which it was created.

Currently, CADAMDA brings together forest producers; both wood of native forest and cultivation; sawmills, industries, importadores-exportadores and traders of wood and its derivatives. As well as manufacturers of products for the preservation and beautification of the wood. The main objective of the Chamber is to spread the use of wood and its derivatives and reposition it as a noble, profitable and reliable material. The entity comprises of the following departments: Department of architecture in wood, Department of foreign trade, Department PREMA (preservation and beautification of the wood), Compensados Department and a Legal Department for advice from partners.