Women’s Shirts: Photos and Models

Key parts of any production, the shirts are always the first choice options, for practicality and comfort they provide, besides being very stylish and wear well.Versatile, go well with almost all parts, accessories and shoes, which may range from heels to sneakers.

In recent seasons, the shirts made in cotton gained notoriety, becoming instead of glamorous, and taken off. Another that has been considered as the newest darling of fashionistas, is the shirt boyfriend, a piece that the fashion takes borrowed from their wardrobe, she creates a relaxed but sophisticated and sexy at the same time.Not to mention the mobility and comfort that provide ideal to face the hustle and bustle of the day, but without losing the pose.

The models can be different: colored, striped, plaids, with vintage prints, classical white etc. Hit, the tendêncinha has already been adopted by several international celebrities like Agyness Deyn, Blake Lively Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Moss and Kate Holmes.

Casual, boyfriend shirt can be used in different ways. If it’s long, it could turn into a dress, just combine with belts marking well the waist, or even loose, leaving the skyline divested. Also ´ rm are perfect with shorts, coloured tops below (that cause contrast of colors leaving the look even more relaxed), vests and jackets.

To complete the production, invest in heavy sandals and closed with a half-foot, sneakers, slippers, shoes, oxfords and more exuberant and feminine accessories such as maxi bracelets, necklaces, rings and purses. If the visual is nocturnal, swap with metal accessories and colored acrylic, with sparkles and more refined elements, like pearls.

Good bets are also on the shirts with Ruffles, ribbons, drapery and light transparencies, with sleeves, many buttons and assorted lengths and modeling; as well as jeans and shirts with bulky shoulders, angular or bufantes, which, following the references in the Decade of 80, are still in evidence on women’s fashion.

See Below For Some Pictures, And Female Shirts Templates And Get Inspired!