Women’s Hat – How to Use, Where to Buy, Models

Used once only to protect itself from the sun, the women’s hat has come back with everything and is responsible for giving more personality and charm to the feminine look. In Brazil, the feminine hat is becoming more and more the beloved accessory of the fashioners, being able to be used in the most diverse occasions. Therefore, for those who have a creative and contemporary style, the options will be multiple. The models most used by women are the Panama women’s hats, which are made in Ecuador and have a lighter color; the Cloche, created by the Frenchwoman Caroline Reboux and that became popular by its format in bell; and the Fedora, originally made in felt and which has a size similar to Panama. The feminine hat can, yes, be used with hairstyle. It is deceiving who thinks that the hat should only be used with loose hair. The women can invest in the hairstyle and still, use the accessory to give the look shine. However, it is more appropriate to wear a simple hairstyle for the female hat does not mess it up and you have the opportunity to take it off if necessary. All can bet on the accessory, regardless of age or height. If the person feels good about the accessory and knows how to combine it harmoniously with the rest of the production, more than a fad, the female hat reflects the personality of the wearer, the important thing is to know how to choose the ideal model. Women should choose a model proportional to the size of the face to achieve a harmonious look, that is, a large model will look great on someone with a small face . The more discreet women should choose to wear their hats at more formal events, such as weddings or afternoons, to protect themselves from the sun, the wide-brimmed hat stays cool at daytime weddings. The others tend to be more informal, so they combine with beach, lunches, trips, that besides protecting from the sun, add style and personality. And it is foolish to think that the female hat can not be worn at night, as today, the hat has become an accessory that gives style to the production, therefore, does not have to be used only by day.   Straw hats in shades of raw or nude, beige, caramel, black and navy blue are classic, combining with the most diverse prints and models of clothing. But the colors also come into the scene to be the highlight of the production and bring even more freshness and authenticity to summer looks. The most indicial colors are red, blue, yellow and military green, you can buy women’s hats in malls, virtual stores, among other places you can buy the various   models of women ‘s hats.

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