Withings Activité Pop Smart Watch

The Activité may not become your next smartwatch, but its design will give you good reasons for this is

I have long been talking about the Activité, the Withings particular bet to enter the world of wearables-quantifiers, but with its own hallmark. As characterizes the signature devices for health, Activité is a watch conventional appearance with some added features that make it “more intelligent than usual”, but misses the smartwatch category.

The Activité is focused on a very specific public device. Not valid for those looking for a smartwatch itself and, therefore, with a screen, an operating system and an application ecosystem. Nor it is focused for those sports enthusiasts who want totake the device with you always, in all circumstances, terrain and activity. No, neither it is a fitness band. So for whom is focused on Withings Activité?

Simply, for those looking for a traditional, elegant and classic watch, with some added features focused on monitoring our physical activity. In this sense, it is ordinary, daily physical activity , not particularly strong as it could be a workout or a race, basically because neither the materials nor the nature of Activité are designed for it.

Once defined the target audience may be interested in acquiring the device, we will analyze their physical appearance. The Activité is basically a watch, chronograph has its circular dial and mechanical hands. How could it be otherwise and doing justice to the best Withings designs, its appearance is minimal, “clean” and especially elegant. The stainless steel watch has very small frames, making the chronograph occupies almost the entire surface of the watch.

The Activité is a classic and elegant watch with added features for those who want to control their activity and health

Its strap is made of calf leather and all Activité production has been made entirely in Switzerland, which holds the prestigious brand “Swiss Made” . This is not a minor issue, as this certifies that the clock has exceeded the requirements imposed by the Swiss government to grant this merit, which is granted only watches of the highest quality. The glass protecting the dial, how could it be otherwise, it is sapphire.

In terms of dimensions, we reached the real Achilles heel of Activité, because only it is marketed under a single size , which is a real problem for those with wider wrists. The Activité is a small clock and this may be the main complaint of many consumers. It has a diameter of 36.3 mm and a weight of only 37 grams.

Inside the chronograph we find a second somewhat smaller sphere with a thin hand which differs from the rest by its-Blue color in the white and red version in the black version. As we can see, the travel of the hand counts from 0 to 100 and represents the only visible Activité track that we have something more than a conventional clock.

This second area marks the percentage of your daily activity reached challenge, a challenge that completely configure from the Withings application for our iPhone.Through Bluetooth technology, all our data transmit Activité activity, steps, swimming or sleep to our smartphone, from which you can see comfortably and through all these data understandable graphics.

The second area of ​​Activité show us the percentage of our daily business challenge

The type of data that can measure Activité are the steps, the activity, activity on swimming (is waterproof, so you can swim quietly with him) and the activity we have while we sleep . Thanks to this, the watch incorporates a silent alarm-similar to the Apple Watch – to wake us at the appropriate time according to the cycle of sleep in which we find ourselves. However, as we have known, it is quite uncomfortable to sleep with Activité tied to our wrist by the cold metal of the back finish.

Finally, we reached a fateful point for most current smartwatch market: the battery.Fortunately for Activité it is not, it offers us a range of up to 8 months. Finally, after all, no longer a conventional clock that have been added some monitoring functions.At this point, many of you might be wondering about the price of this device.

Well, the Activité is not a watch for all budgets, because no longer a timepiece made of quality materials and following a production that is quite different from the production chain most smartwatch. For $ 450 , we can buy the Activité in 2 versions: with black dial or white dial. What do you think? Would the “smart” watch suitable for you?