Why the Dog Barks at Night?

The dog barks at night

The dog that barks all night, without interruption, could be signaling some behavior problems or physical and mental needs.

It is important to verify the cause of this attitude, and seek to solve the problem, because dogs don’t bark without real reasons.

When they do that, they are, in fact, sending a message to the owner.

Dogs that bark all night

In this article, we’ll explain 5 reasons pro dog barking excessively at night, and let’s give 6 tips to solve the problem of barking.

See 5 possible motives for the dog barking at night

1) Dog stuck all day

Animals that spend all day tied up and are released only after dark can be overly stirred-uncontrollable, even.

In this case, always to be loose in the yard at night, the dog will bark until dawn, because I know that prison is waiting as soon as day.

It is important to check if there is another way to keep the animal under control, rather than tie it. If you need to keep you in chains, it might be possible to increase the dimensions of the current (or rope) so that it can move around more.

If he be confined to a small patio, you can create situations of distraction for him, so that he entertain and don’t feel much boredom and discouragement. These feelings can make it howl, whine and bark for a long time.

2) dogs that bark at night may be suffering

Another chance for this habit can be the physical suffering.

Our pets can spend all day sleeping in the Sun without major problems, but at night it can get cold. This has to do with the different temperature of their bodies and the way they regulate.

In some regions there are very large differences between the day and night temperature (temperature range), and if the pet does not have blankets and a warm bed to sleep, will bark desperately during the whole night.

In addition, it is important to orient the House according to the prevailing wind, so that the entry is protected. This will increase your comfort and can significantly decrease the barking.

There are also some illnesses that cause pain to the animal, and which are more at night, when the temperature is cooler, or until cold. In the case of osteoarthritis, which can manifest itself more when cold increases.

Large and giant dogs may suffer more easily from this disease. Elderly dogs and who exercise little also have the same trend.

To lessen the discomfort, bet on a little house or walking more comfortable, a few centimeters away from the ground (to avoid contact with the ground and moisture), and with a good pillow (larger dogs can crush the joints because of the weight), as we guide in this article here .
3) problems with the feed dog

In other cases, the dog may be starving. It is common for some owners put the feed into the pot in the morning, for the entire day.

It turns out that if the weather is too humid ration will ferment, showing a different taste that the animal is used.

The dog can, therefore, avoid eating it, starving for several hours and, when the night is going to bark incessantly.

However, if he decides to ingest the fermented feed, it can be seized of abdominal pain, diarrhea, gas and other annoyances, which will, again, barking.

In addition, the feed exposed for a long time can be dry, losing taste and nutritional properties, in addition to attract insects such as flies and ants.

All this can lead to barking of hungry, indignation and revolt, which may prolong the whole morning.

4) the dog acquired bad habits

The first impulse we have to hear the dog barking at night is to scold him.

As we have said in other articles, to scold the animal we are presenting our attention.

Even though he knows he did something wrong (and most of the time he doesn’t know), he will insist upon, to be again presented with our attention.

Some dogs begin barking as soon as night falls. And when the owner opens the window to scold, he forgets completely that was barking and focuses on growling at the window.

In your reasoning, the growling at the window, it will open again and your owner will appear.

Is a kind of “magical thinking” that the dog has, and it works, because he will bark until the owner call again your attention. And it can last all night.

Another very wrong attitude is to talk to the animal, trying to calm him down. Again we will be “responding” to his barking.

The dog doesn’t understand what we’re talking about. He just feels that we’re paying attention in Exchange for the barking.

5) When the dog barks at night for no reason

Many dogs have created the habit of barking all the time, day, night and morning.

Occurs, however, the owners only realize it when they hear at night, either because if didn’t all day, or because only pay attention to barking at that time.
Needless to say, dogs with this habit may be suffering from loneliness or abandonment, and who are seeking with despair to the attention of the family.

This behavior is known as separation anxiety syndrome, and should be tackled so that the animal has a happier life.

Another bad move is to give you goodies, put him to bed via petwithsupplies.com, and try to stick around until he crashes. This kind of blackmail rarely works. So the owner get away, the dog will start crying and barking again.

Therefore, the best solution is to learn to solve each one of the reasons that lead the mascot to bark excessively .

See 6 tips for solving the barking at night:

1) Neuter the dog. Thus, the presence of other animals in heat will not change your behavior. In addition, the dog loses much of interest about what happens out there, even with your territorial instinct.

Many people are afraid that the castration significantly modify the behavior of the dog. In fact, if he is a guard dog, he will continue to be, because the procedure does not change your instinct for territory.

2) if the dog sleeps all day, it is quite likely to be awake at night.

In this case, if you have time, or rely on someone who has conditions, exercise the animal during the day.

He’ll be more tired when evening and will prefer to sleep rather than make noise.

3) If the animal is a guard dog and have to stay awake, make him sleep in shifts during the day, and not all day, so that he would rather take a few naps at night without sleep deeply.

The dog that took only a few naps during the day will still be active at night, but less prone to bark excessively.

4) if you don’t have the time, hire someone to walk with him, which will decrease anxiety and let calmer after.

Some dogs spend their whole day trapped, while the owners are away. This creates a very great anxiety in them. Most of the barking will be for this cause.

See if a neighbor or relative or friend may pass on your House for a few minutes with your pet.

5) if you don’t have time to hang out with him, and you can’t rely on someone to do it, use some of the techniques suggested in the article When the dog stands alone .

Put at his disposal some intelligent toys, which let you busy all night.

In addition, if he feels alone in the yard, or at the place where you put for the night, let along used your shirt. Its smell helps you not feel alone.

Invest in funny situations for him, such as cardboard boxes, ropes tied in fixed locations, tennis balls and other objects with which it can interact, to expend energy and spend time.

6) Some dogs don’t like the street noises such as cars, motorcycles, skateboards and kids and other animals. These sounds make them nervous and prone to barking insistently.

With respect to this, create you some noises to distract your pet.

That way, you help to forget the noises that he does not tolerate.

Use a radio on in a music station, or other similar situation. Dogs like to hear the human voice, and if you tune in a show he can calm down during the night.

It is very normal for the dog barking at night

The dog is a nocturnal animal, that is, during the evening your attention and activity reach the maximum level.

At night, the dog vision is superior to man in 4 or 5 times. This means that he can see in dark environments with great ease.

And still be a predator, our pet will prefer to stay awake, time the leaders favored by packs hunting, travel and socializing.

Therefore, the entire social life and feed the dog occurs at night, usually. To reduce the barking, we should guide you to get used to other times and attitudes.
Dogs prefer barking at dawn

Besides the instinctual aspect of dog, there are other reasons to make noise at this time.

At dawn, a city noise decrease. That way, all the animals can hear more clearly others in distant places.
The ease of hearing them takes the dog also verbalize. That’s why they seem to “freak out” by dawn, when the barking of other dogs in far-flung neighborhoods.
My dog barks a lot at night!

Depending on the neighbourhood in which they live, the presence of night guards, wardens and guards can stir up the animal.

Some of these professionals work with a whistle, which causes discomfort to the dog.

There are, also, neighborhoods with large numbers of animals loose on the street, approaching patios in search of socialization or food. And, for being territorial, the dog can gets mad and bark.

Who lives in apartment, for your time, you can see that the elevator and noise of footsteps and voices in the hallway can alert the animal.
Teach the dog to stop barking at night

The best thing to do is Learn interesting methods and practical to get the dog to decrease the insistent barking.

Many animals can suffer attacks because of the noise, when I bother neighbors violent and could poison the dog.

It also happens sometimes, the condo owner being fined or even face potential prosecution because of nuisance barking in the neighborhood.

For the health of the mascot, and the safety of the family, it’s good to always teach the dog to be quieter and to respect the times when other people are resting.

Only in this way can we live quietly and in peace.

See You Soon!!