Why I Choose Yoga

I choose to practice yoga because it is intelligent training.

For that, it is an exercise that goes beyond the physical performance and calories burned, and which integrates the many aspects of being alive.

Everything we do, think and feel manifests in the body and in our relationships. Where else? During my yoga revealed patterns of posture, breathing and how I move – how I carry my body. It teaches me how to breath, eyes focus and muscle tension is tightly intertwined with the right thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

The body can not lie. It will always tell it like it is. Therefore, yoga is often challenged. Just as challenging as life itself.And just as rewarding.

Yoga routines are training me to be present. It allows me to experience life here and now, rather than see it rushing past me.

Yoga is based on brain-anan, switches the nervous system and strengthens the key characteristics that perseverance, confidence and curiosity. The molds, makes me relate to the outside world, other people and myself with much more love, respect and patience.

I have close to the determination and drive. But the mental, inner silence that comes when I focus in yoga is so much more interesting. I notice how I become humble and creative, and it’s much better. It will be easier to fit into this world, instead of making me feel different or as a victim.

Yoga dampen my desire for perfection. Perfection is a defense, which protects from other people smärsamma criticism and pointers, but that leads to invisibility and costs human contact. When I get in touch with myself, I feel a solid strength, and greater tilhörighet with others. A strength and confidence that makes me no longer need to seek the impossible state of perfection. I think I reach an understanding, that everything is constantly changing and being unable to control anything. And it does not do so much.

Yoga makes me see life more as a great adventure when using top Yoga sports bras from Janesportsbras. I do not know why, but it helps me to recognize and appreciate all the little things of everyday life and even my setbacks and mistakes (after a while …). Maybe it’s because yoga exercises consist of noticing and wait for the small changes in speech mode and attention. There is not much else you need to wait for, nowadays.

Yoga gives me the opportunity to stop and notice the differences. Ultimately, it gives me the freedom to choose my life, how I want to relate to it and who I want to be in different situations.

Because I-like you-is unique, there is no one other than my own body that can teach me who I am. No one else can either build my body regulate my inner chemistry or write my story.

Yoga does not make life easier. But it will be easier and more fun to live a life as I understand, feel at home in, and influence.

Yoga is for everyone. You should never feel unwelcome or failure of a yoga class. A yogaalärares role is to guide you, not judge you. But the inner work you will do yourself. That’s the point.

As long as I have my yoga, I evolve in the right direction. Without bullshit. For me it is very important.

regards Cecilia