Why Has a Flip Phone in Hello Clip, the Singer Adele?

The latest album from British singer Adele came out for almost five years, so the impact of Hello clip, first single from her new album, 25, was expected. But beyond all expectations satisfied by his first novel in three years (the last was Sky fall, the soundtrack of the eponymous film), a clip detail caught the attention of fans and curious: the presence of flip phones.

The strangeness is due to the time of the mobile phone industry. In the streets and in shop windows, the iPhone format, ie, a simple rectangle with one side occupied by a huge touch screen to touch, is the norm. It is increasingly rare to find other sale, including flip phone there. Even among baratinhos models this is a specimen endangered. It is much easier to come across the type bar, or “Nokia model” (screen and physical keyboard dividing one side of a rectangle with no moving parts) than the flip phones nostalgic.

The Mobile Glory of Past Flip

“Flip,” as it became known and agreed the mobile format name used by Adele in Hello clip, is the device that folds in half – if you need a reference, j0v3m is this artifact that holds girl in animated GIF above.

Outside, they are called “clamshell”, and almost everywhere, are in disuse. The flip format allows the creation of models with reduced dimensions (when closed), but sacrifices the screen size and practically requires only numeric physical keyboard, two features left out by modern systems like Android and iOS.

At one point in the history of mobile telephony, however, flip phones were very popular and, for some time before that, status of synonyms. Between 2003 and 2006, according to a survey of GSM Arena published by Daily Tech , it was the best – selling format of all, above the bar, slider and touchscreen:

Not coincidentally, it was in this prosperous period that Motorola introduced the RAZR V3, perhaps the first massive object of desire of mobile telephony. Long before the Apple and Android manufacturers take the thickness of smartphones to almost ridiculous levels, V3 used the analogy with razors to highlight its thinness. It sold like hot roll and, worse, doing nothing very elaborate; was more the profile slim and look futuristic even. (And there are those who complain of “people who buy iPhone just by visual” …)

The phone’s flip hegemony was such that permeated the cultural industry. Almost all the movies and the last decade mid-series used type models when required by the script. Currently, when a character needs a prepaid device to deal with shady dealings, it is a flip that appears on the screen.

Although has who recommend today (but more to disconnect without being totally private communication), the mobile flip was in the past. Until recently it was still possible to buy it, but it seems that the war was won by cheap mobile phone bar phone, Nokia style. In an informal survey in three different stores, I could not even find a new flip phone for sale in Brazil.

The trend is that this progress continues and gradually the entire base of mobile phones migrate to touchscreen smartphones, which, at least here in the west, means big screens on one side of a rectangle – like all iPhone, Galaxy any-thing Moto or insert one-letter here.

The Modern Flip Eastern Smartphones

In his homeland, South Korea, and some other Asian countries, LG and Samsung launch frequently flip devices with updated guts and running Android. There seems to be demand there.

The latest from LG, the Wine Smart (above), was announced in August. While skirt factory with a current system, Android 5.1, your settings are very humble, with things like low-resolution screen, 1GB of RAM and only 4 GB of internal memory. At least the suggested retail price of about R$370, is milder than the line of tops. The Wine Smart came to be released in some countries outside of Asia, such as Italy, France, Spain, Poland and Kazakhstan.

Since Samsung did not skimp on G9198 model : it is a smartphone with advanced specifications such as SoC Snapdragon 808, 16 megapixel camera and two AMOLED screen of 3.9 inches, both with HD resolution. The G9198 was launched in China also in August.

Neither, nor its predecessors, reached the American continent. Probably or no interest to justify the effort, or so companies are not willing to take the risk. And it is understandable: the smartphone market is going through a delicate moment, where all the manufacturers except Apple and Samsung, hopefully just tie the bills. Short profit margins leave no loophole for a lot of experimentation.

Cell Hello Clip

Two models appear in Hello clip. They were unraveled by PC magazineWhat Adele own use is the Canadian version of the Samsung SPH-M300 , 2007. He had some basic functions of PDA and accessed the web (with some difficulty), but was not much more than that:

But the ex-boyfriend in the clip, played by actor Tristan Wilds, uses a Motorola V235 , 2005:

Why use in 2015, as old cell phones in a clip? It is common filmmakers use products out of print and interfaces specially designed for the film in order to avoid legal problems and at the same time, advertise for free. You may have seen a search engine that is very reminiscent of Google, or a system that looks a lot like windows, in a movie or show. Some are even comical, others just out of place.

But in the case of Hello, the justification is another. The impact that this detail generated, much higher than expected the director of the clip, Xavier Dolan, 26, made ​​he explained on Twitter :

iPhones movies make me uncomfortable. Like I was shooting a commercial. Now, overcome it.

It would be ironic, then, that so many people have paid more attention to the object (cell flip) whose purpose was to avoid associations with the real world? In an interview with people , he admitted:

I think I may have gotten distracted more than anything else with that flip phone, but it was not intentional!

In addition to the cellular flip, other references of the recent past are present in Hello, as a fixed wired telephone, a telephone booth and a stove without automatic ignition. Adele would be a neo-Luddite non-radical?

25, the new Adele album will be released on November 20th.