Why are Yoga Pants So Popular

Remember black pants? Heck, remember the jeans? Those were the good old days. Now that you’re a mom, yoga pants are much more essential to your wardrobe of one of those old staples.

Why are Yoga Pants So Popular

Below I detail why your Lululemons (and by that I mean the target yoga pants tell you all are Lululemon) are your unique fashion accessory of the largest maternity. Even more important than your diaper bag.

1. You Never Know When You’ll Want To Exercise.

I mean, the desire has not held this year, but it did not matter. What is important is that if you wear jeans, you definitely would not be able to start jogging at random … around the store, since that is the only place where you go.

2. You Need Something For Your Mother-In-Law To Comment About.

The failures of your hair, your home, your parents and your kitchen have become boring. Asking you if you own “real clothes” however, that never gets old.

3. Your Husband Loves Them.

Remember that once he said it? You might have cried because of that saying your mother-in-law, but you’re pretty sure he thought.

4. They Go With Everything.

Your T-shirt with your hooded sweater that your husband. We will remember the shoe, they go perfectly with flip flops, Uggs, and even sports shoes when you want to pretend you’re energized march against pushing the baby in a lackadaisically stroller on the cul-de-sac.

5. They Are All-Weather Wear.

Nor hail nor snow must prevent them from realizing their appointed task, which is, namely, making you not naked preschool pickup.

6. You Can Get Them In Any Color.

Of course, you wear only black and gray, but you plan to wear the Blues Navy in the back of your drawer soon. Like when you lose five pounds.

7. They Eliminate Your Muffin Top.

And eliminates, I mean “does not show it.” Not eliminate, for example, eat fewer muffins would.

8. You Can Dance In Them.

Specifically to “The Wheels on the Bus” and other tunes that end up lasting 15 minutes because every child needs a turn to be picked up by Mom and be swung around. Even your child 60 pounds. (Why did you muffin top with all that fucking exercise, anyway? Oh mysterious and unjust universe.)

9. You Can Dress Them Up For The Night.

By this I mean you can wear a chain necklace and macaroni to the dinner table for 18 hours while you dine on fish sticks with children.

1o. They Give You Less Choice.

You choose what to cook, they are the best activities for children, who call once a year to keep the children, and how guilt trip your husband let you sleep Sunday night. Why add more decisions in a mix with multiple types of pants? Simplify your life, friend.

Using pregnancy gym trousers, now the next time your husband takes your yoga pants and a look carefully asks what you intend to wear for the holiday card photo, laugh loud and proud and say, “You have before you, darling!” maybe for the occasion, you’ll even break out those of the navy.