White Ties

“Audacity gives jumps as constant walks;” Doménico Cieri Estrada, Mexican writer.

Discretion transcends the exaggeration. Surely all we felt overwhelmed – sometimes – watching the frantic race for some men to bring attention of the lush of her outfit to the detriment of any other characteristic.

It is contradictory, at least curious, because so far the references that sat Chair with his image was – just – because they distanced all ostentation with simplicity and refined taste.

A clear example of this circumstance is our tie. We know that this descends linen handkerchief – nuclear – white is knotting carefully to the neck the English dandy George Bryan Brummell at the beginning of century XIX, to deal with the prevailing pompous exaggerations in his time to decorate the chest.

Personally not out of my surprise with the elegant that some models of white neckties, may be that Yes, with the essential reasons for giving it presence. Because that is totally white or smooth does not seem anything successful as a complement to the neck, rather than exceptional bow tie of the frac, as much as to certain “celebrities” like they look.

In the same way as to the rest of the colors of ties is always preferable to the use of white shirts (or the clearer), in the case of the white ties accompany them with a soft color shirt or striped, as preference, will show them subtly. If we take into account that it is never appropriate to that add-ins are the protagonists, and this time is no exception, I would not recommend any dark shirt that highlight the presence of the tie too much.

White tie should not be pure, but it rather an off-white or cream very clear, even better called automotiveqna.

As it happened with the yellow tie, with the madras or with all those types whose uniqueness is evident, it is not advisable to abuse a continued use of this white. So book it for sporadic and preferably warm days of spring and summer, in which he sings better, will be a success.

When we find ourselves with gestures such as these is when reconcile us with the origins of men’s fashion more classic because facing the exaggeration: Temperance and leadership. From there Yes.

Thank you and good luck.