What to Wear with a Lace Dress

What to wear with a lace dress. Being a very feminine and very elegant fabric, it is that the socket can be combined with various accessories and many styles, until you find the ideal tone of your suit.

There are several things that you can use to achieve your lace dress is perfect in you, whether your personality is docile and tender or strong as the personality of a famous rock. Then some very important tips.

Shoes. There are many options to combine with your cute lace dress shoes. Whether for a formal event or a cocktail, you chose the traditional dress of Black Lace, as footwear you can opt for heels in black with strips or you can also choose something more colorful, depending on your taste.

If you want to achieve a style that attention, it combines your dress with a pink stiletto heels. On the other hand, for a golden brown or cream lace dress, heels must be of the same color to achieve a monochromatic image that matches the style of the dress, keeping attention on the socket.

Jewelry. A lace dress is necessary to add a simple jewelry, whether it’s a simple metal chain or a long string of pearls. As earrings, must use ones that are long with Rhinestones or a pewter, and to show them more, your hair should take it collected. You should use a big ring to cocktails, either a pewter or pearls to make game, or also to combine some bangles can use. Choose just one or two items with the lace dress, rest it leave it in your jewelry box.

Portfolio. With your lace dress, avoids carrying a large bag, rather to combine it with one hand, as mustard, can be one color leather for a casual style. If you go to a more formal event, wear it with a black hand bag. Your big bag left near, such as in the trunk of your car, if you then need some of it. In your bag place your ID, some money, your cell and a gloss for lips.

More ideas. If you want to Excel your lace dress, add a cute hat with mesh that is the same color of your dress lace. You will be able thus an eclectic super style, so people will turn the head to wonder of your style. But if it is not of your liking use hat, then on your hands put the same kind of lace to your dress glove. With this bold style you look like an expert in fashion. And to give a touch more Extrovert uses a pair of stockings texture very fine.

Tips to choose the best dress

  • If your body is triangular in shape, is very narrow shoulders and wide hips, is highly recommended to use dresses that leave the shoulders exposed and thus attract more attention to the top. A dream dress would be one of strapless, asymmetrical neckline halter (with the moored behind the shoulders) and Empire dresses with cut.
  • If you are a woman of very thin body, you should try to wear a tight dress to your body. You can use most striking designs. Styling your image, the skirt of your dress must terminate above the knees.
  • Change the women more rellenitas must choose dresses have necklines beak, with three-quarter sleeves and which are straight cut with skirt that ends above the knees. You should only use the correct size and always look cute. Do not be afraid to color, but preferably avoid carry designs.