What to Wear for Costume Party

The Brazil is a wonderful country! Cheerful, full of faith and a hospitable people, our country loves to show your gratitude and enthusiasm through beautiful holidays. The Carnival, jerk and even at Christmas is common us Brazilians we leave with fantasies out there to have fun. The costume party is a great opportunity for you to learn some tips and tricks for a fancy dress party amongst your friends and family.

Theme of the Party

Find out the costume party, i.e. If you go all women dressed as Princesses and princes, men or if it will be a Hawaiian party theme or Halloween-themed. Whatever the theme of the party, you should follow this theme,

using the fancy dress party clothes that really is what really the party asks.

Be Original in time to get dressed

Please, if you’re going to a costume party, you have to be as original as possible, no Count Dracula or wonder woman at parties where the theme is Halloween or heroes.

Look for another character who’s not so famous or be somewhat challenging, some people may not want to go. A tip? How about go to cousin It in fancy dress party Halloween costume and go in heroes of Lois Lane, the colorful Superman’s girlfriend. It may even be that some go like her but with your body and your air of seduction and demure at the same time, I’m sure the success is you.

Pay attention to the weather and where the party

You know that big production that you made with a hair super perfect for live a little bee with a yellow and black outfit and super short? Well, see if the location is suitable to use a kind of fantasy that open and short because some can make you literally freeze if the place is too cold. Another problem is where is the party there’s not much wind, if there is work your hair can end up being affected and you return home shivering and hair all demolished.

To avoid this problem, first find out what the climate and the weather on the day of the party by day or night. If the party is in an open area and is a place like the saw blade that is conducive to cool too quickly, choose a costume that is more closed like Morticia adams or the witch who usually has a longer skirt.

If the costume party is a windy place, always use a silicone and hair fixatives. Another tip is to pass a bit of unflavored gelatin in the hair that that don’t let your hair get out of place even with a hurricane.

Male heroes being used by women

Who said Batman or Robin can only be used by men? In costume party can be the freedom of women also wear costumes of Batman and Robin, as well as Superman among other heroes but with an all female and delicate way, wearing a skirt, a top and the cover of the heroes. The costume party: tips on how to dress is much fun even if they are willing to use wonder woman, then you can’t have fun.

Style and beauty in costume party: tips on how to dress

The costume party can be a lot of style and beauty, because you can take advantage of and use a higher jump, some accessories and a makeup more pretty and interesting.For example, if you decided to go to a costume party: tips on how to dress and go sailor, how about using a dress all pasted in the body and strapless and enhance the look with a beautiful blue sandal with heel Anabela, a bracelet and a necklace with helm and boats?

This same theme of fantasy, an outfit with a blue tank top with white blouse and a white short shorts and blue and white bracelets and to give that broken in those colors a nicehigh heels red huh? Wow! The same theme of two completely different ways, beautiful and fun to you partying all night.

Tips for male fantasies

Men should also have a special space in this article and get tips on how to go to a costume party and dress very well. A tip is to use also a sailor but not as a television series but Keys Quico white shirt, a Navy Blue Velvet suit with a red rudder on top left side of the suit and wearing a sailor’s hat.

A dark glasses, cigar, white pants and loafers without half closes the fantasy that the woman use the ideas above would love meet in fancy dress party. If you tired of dressing up as Elvis in costume parties or the years 70, dressed as a Hippie or John Travolta in Saturday night fever, surely will be very successful.

Have you seen? The various shapes and tips on how you go to a costume party: tips on how to dress and make nice with elegance, fun and enjoyment from beginning to end of the costume party. Have fun in originality and seek to be modern and attractive in your costume for this costume party is the most incredible of all time.