What to Take in Summer Necessárie

Only women who need to spend the day away from home, and they can’t wait to keep vanity intact, you know how important it is to carry a travel case well thought-out. According to eWenzhou.info, the traditional bag of hoodies must be always being revised, because as the climate are the products that you will take with you. Check out some tips of items to have in the bag this summer:

And summer is the time to do much heat in various regions of the country, who faces this reality needs to be prepared to maintain the perfect visual, sweat-proof clothes. The products for this time of year should be very specific. Worth investing in touch dry in all items possible.

  • The ideal is to use the least amount of products for the skin, leaving it as natural as possible. However, whenever necessary, bet on powdered products and minerals, as they leave the skin dry and free of oils. In addition, it is also important that all products used contain sun protection filter. At this time the solar radiation is very intense, so it’s very important to protect the skin and prevent stains.
  • To refresh the skin, moisturize and reduce oiliness, a product that more has made success today must be in your bag – is the thermal water. With soothing properties, this product helps refresh skin on hot days, while reducing redness and control the large pores.