What Happens if You Wear High Heels Too Long?

The heels are our favorite footwear. Some people wear them only on certain special occasions, and there are those who brings her every day. The heels slender our figure, however,after using them for a long period of time or continued, they have side effects on health. That’s what happens if you often wear shoes with heels.

Wear High Heels

1 Backache

The use of heels tilts the pelvis, allowing to emphasize the buttocks but the problem is that this posture increases the pressure in the lower area of ​​the spine and muscles that make it up.

2 Tendonitis

When the feet are raised with the heel, the pressure on the heel increases and develops a condition called Achilles tendinopathy. If you encounter this disorder, after putting aside their footwear and have them replaced with more comfortable, in a matter of weeks, the tendon will stop doing evil and recover its normal length.

3 Swollen knees

Wearing heels for too long, we can also risk the runner’s knee. The center of gravity, in fact, moves forward, increasing the tension on the tendons and ligaments of the knee. In addition to intense pain, also it produces inflammation and difficulty in movement.

4 Loss of balance

The excess of force which is produced between the muscles surrounding the ankle, make the latter less stable and, consequently, decreases the equilibrium. With retro flat shoes which is different from vintage heels, however, it improves the state of this muscle group allowing proper operation.

5 Varicose Veins

There is no scientific evidence demonstrating the close relationship between the use of heels and the appearance of varicose veins, but these shoes still cause circulation problems. Increasing the pressure on the legs, the blood flow hinders you.