What does SPA Stand for?

Spa is the name of a Belgian city which, in Roman times, was very popular for its hot spring baths. Is believed that the sense current of the term is linked to the history of this town European.

Today we understand that a spa is a space of relaxation and restoration of the health which appeals to the water for different treatments. Beyond the city of Belgium, there is another version that explains the meaning of the concept: some argue that spa is actually SPA, an acronym that would come from the latin term salus per aquam (which can be translated by Abbreviationfinder as “health through water”). This symbol would have become the acronym spa.

Although the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE) does not include the word spa, other dictionaries accept it as an anglicism. Also mentioned is the castilianization of the term as espa.

What does SPA Stand for

Currently, in short, means that a spa is a settlement that allows the realization of therapies with the use of water. You tend to be centers of health, rest and recreation that have different types of swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools and jacuzzis.

According to the characteristics of the spa, it is possible to spend a day of recreational facilities or even staying several days there, paying the extra cost for a room. This way, the spa serves as a hotel which, among its features, includes mentioned therapeutic services with water, which are often complemented with massages, aromatherapy and other benefits that aim to achieve a feeling of well-being and relaxation in the host.

Most luxurious spas in the world

While the success of the spa brought it to the general public, with settlements and proposals within the reach of more modest pockets, the most striking tend to be that generally relate to the rich and famous. Then let’s look at two of the most luxurious in the world.

Windows to paradise, Mexico

Among the reasons why this spa is at the top are high level Services , such as the rituals of healing and restoration treatments and holistic therapies, all accompanied by organic products of unsurpassed quality. It goes without saying that these facilities come many of the personalities of the world of the show, something that feeds their importance and attracts more visitors each year.

In addition to treatments mentioned above and the views that do honor to its name, this spa amenities imaginable, as well as offering guests the level of privacy you are looking for. One of the treatments more popular is called Desert Flower, and consists in the exfoliation of the skin using a combination of lavender of the desert, salt of sea, blueberries and dill.

Clinical it Prairie, Switzerland

Another of the spas , most famous and prestigious in the world. Is located next to the Lake Geneva, with which the views stunning and the contact with the nature can give is by made. In addition to typical spatreatments, La Prairie offers a full medical control, with laboratory tests, electrocardiogram, and even x-rays, to make sure that your visitors enjoy overall health. It is worth mentioning that this trend is very common nowadays, and is distinguished by adding the term “welfare” to their promotions.

This spa seeks to meet the needs of different public, by which offers also plans of slimming, lessons of yoga and Pilates, sessions of gym and coaches personal, in addition to them typical massage of dream that only in a site as this can find. For those who seek to correct certain imperfections in the skin or fight against aging also there are services available, such as next-generation laser treatments.