What Are the Best Options for Summer? Skirts!

Another summer approaches and ensuring a fresh look even on the hottest days, the trousers stand aside and give way to the skirts, which will be successful in the 2012/2013 season.

and to please different styles and personalities, the fashionistas are betting on varied models. Therefore, the window displays already highlight the long, pleated, rotated skirts and the most elegant cutting, such as those of the pencil type, which will be the sensation of the next season.

Long skirts turn in both casual and more sophisticated looks, depending on the model. This is thanks to the great diversity of prints and fabrics. Day or night, the charm and comfort will be guaranteed by the lighter parts and the right combination for the feet. For more casual events, the her flats are the most indicated, while more formal occasions require sandals or heel shoes.

Varying in length, the pleated skirt is another trend in high for this summer 2013. The main characteristic of this type of skirt is the lightweight and loose tissue, ideal for composing more moderninhas or romantic productions. What will determine the style of the look is the footwear: sandals and slippers Romantizam the visual; Tennis and shifts guarantee ares more moderninhos.

In shorter models, just above the knees, the skirts rotated with the waist well marked or full of buds also promise to be the sensation of the season. The cut is fairly democratic, as it combines easily with any biotype. And here, it’s worth the same for the pleated skirts, ie the style of the look will be determined by the sidewalk.

The pencil skirt is perfect for composing finer and elegant looks, but nothing prevents it from being used in everyday productions. Just combine it with more basic races, which guarantees a casual and chic look. For the feet, however, this model suggests a heeled footwear, which may be short, but cannot steal the elegance conferred by this kind of skirt.

Do you have your favorite models yet? Tell me!